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You will die, dog.” His mouth curled into a grimace of hate. Hocus Pocus Nice Butt poster “You will suffer the death of traitors. I avenge him at long last.” He cast away Martin and turned to the Aldermaston. “These grounds are under your authority, my lord. May I beg the use of your gallows for this man? I want him hanged. Now.” The Aldermaston of Dochte had a look of sympathy on his face, as if he understood the deep pain that the young king had felt losing his father early to a murderer’s arrow. Lia clenched the bars tightly, watching with growing horror. “Hanging is not the punishment of death within Dahomey,” he said. “In our kingdom, the guilty are burned. We do not shed blood.”

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“My lord king,” she said, speaking boldly, pressing her face against the bars. Hocus Pocus Nice Butt poster Their eyes turned to hers, even Colvin’s. She saw his expression of shock and then immediate torment. His focus had been on Martin. He had not seen her in the shadows of her cell until she had spoken. The look of anguish on his face tortured her. The young king turned curiously at being addressed by a prisoner. “Who is that?” he whispered to the Aldermaston. Before he could reply, Lia spoke out boldly. “I am Lia of Muirwood. My lord king, you cannot punish this man for murder.” Her heart was wild with emotions.

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She kept speaking, looking into his eyes. She licked her dry lips. “You cannot punish him for that crime, because he did not commit it. My lord king, it was I who killed your father. It was with a hunter’s bow and a Pry-rian arrow. I was at the battle of Winterrowd, my lord king. Hocus Pocus Nice Butt poster I was there, near the hillock where he fell. I confess it, my lord king. The truth of my words can be established by Lord Price, the Earl of Forshee. He knew I was there. And I told him what I had done. He is a maston, my lord king. He cannot speak a falsehood. Ask him, if you doubt my word. Ask him.” The young king was astonished. He looked at her in the dim torchlight. He walked closer, examining her face, her hair. “Colvin?” he asked over his shoulder. “This cannot be true.” Lia stared down at the floor, unable to meet Colvin’s eyes. She did not want to see the look on his face. The only sound was the sharp hissing of the torches.

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“My lord king,” Lia said, forcefully and clearly. “I did not act under the orders of the Aldermaston of Muirwood. Hocus Pocus Nice Butt poster When I helped Lord Price reach Winterrowd, I did not know myself what would happen. My lord king, the Medium commanded me to kill your father. If I speak truly, then the Medium will not allow the fire to harm me. It commanded me, my lord king. It was the Medium’s will because of the many murders your father committed and allowed to be committed in his name. The mastons have been persecuted and murdered throughout your realm…” Lia’s voice cracked and she began to choke.

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