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Obey me! The fires began to give way, not losing their strength but she felt the Abbey resisting the spread of the flames, holding it back from consuming everything. Scream, she said. Make them believe you are dying. Make them believe we perish in the flames. I Cross My Heart Lyrics Poster It did not take persuasion. Everyone was terrified already. A piercing chorus of fright rose from the throat of the Abbey. In her mind she had seen the future when she had taken the hetaera test. She had seen Muirwood burning and heard the screams. Scream! she said, adding hers to the noise.Down the stairwell she marched until it opened to the long room full of polished wooden benches. At the head of the room was the main altar. She remembered going there with the Cruciger orb, seeking Colvin at the Pilgrim Inn. The thought of Colvin succumbing to Hillel nearly overwhelmed her concentration with sickening feelings that would have made her go mad.

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She blasted the thoughts aside, focusing on the matter at hand. If she hurried and saved them, she could go to the Tor and rescue the Aldermaston. She had no weapons, but she experienced the rush and thrill of the Medium, strengthening her. Crossing the center aisle, she reached the small antechamber at the side and hefted on the stone slab on the floor. It raised with ease, showing the hidden entrance to the tunnels beneath. Kieran Ven! she said, turning suddenly and realizing that the last time she had seen him, he was unable to walk. There he was, striding boldly with Marciana still clutching his hand. You lead them. There are lamps and flint to light them at the bottom of the shaft. They should be trim with oil. I Cross My Heart Lyrics Poster Take the tunnel on the right, it will lead you to the woods beyond the Abbey grounds. Go down, all of you! Marciana was very close to him, her hand did not leave his, as if he were a possession. Her hunter eyes had noticed it, but she could not remark on it yet. There was not time. How far to the woods? he asked, his eyes wide with concern. How deep the passage? It is not far.

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A maston word will open the portal. You may have to dig your way out if the Dowager’s folk buried it. Lia grabbed his shoulder. Take them to Tintern if I do not come for you, she whispered. He looked at her in shock. Tintern has already fallen, Lia. I tried to return there days ago but the portal was closed.She looked him hard in the eyes. The Abbey may have fallen, but there is an Aldermaston there. I know he is there. He will direct you to the ships. Marciana grabbed Lia’s arm. I Cross My Heart Lyrics Poster What will you do? What I must. Go now, while you can. Kieran plunged into the tunnel shaft and helped Marciana come down after him. Lia felt the weight of the Abbey pressing on her. The fire pushed against her will, but she refused to let it win.Not yet¸ she ordered. There was Sowe next, followed by Edmon. They both turned and helped Pasqua down, and it took time for her to manage the ladder steps. I am hurrying, quit fussing down there, Pasqua snapped. I was once as skinny as you two and could handle ladders quite with ease.

I Cross My Heart Lyrics Poster

Her eyes gleamed with gratitude and relief when she looked at Lia. I knew you would save us, child. I never doubted it. One by one, Lia helped them down, holding back the flames with sheer will. Siler and the children clambered past. One after another.The flames burned even hotter, and she realized that another presence was commanding them to burn faster. She knew it was Pareigis. Hurry! Lia warned. Reome was next, her eyes wide with wonder and gave Lia a grateful smile. One after another they went, Prestwich lingering in the back, insisting that others go first. He coughed violently against his arm, for the smoke seeped into the lower chambers. Another family from the village went down. I Cross My Heart Lyrics Poster So few, Lia realized. So few had believed. At last it was just her and Prestwich.The weight of the Abbey strained against her. She could not bear it any longer. Go, she said with a moan, beckoning for Prestwich. He shook his head. I will die here, Lia. This is where I want my bones to sleep.

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