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She roamed the grounds, trying to remember where the laundry was. Mickey mouse you and me we got this poster The small shelter had vanished with the winds that night so long ago. The cloisters were gone as well. The only tome that had survived was the Aldermaston’s tome. A tome she could not even read. She lingered by an apple tree, pausing to stare up at the trunk and the flurry of blossoms that shook look with the breeze. It was a tree she remembered, and she gazed at it longingly, rubbing her hands along the smooth bark. Memories were things. Dwelling on them could summon feelings as powerful as anything a kystrel could create.It was the tree where she had first revealed to Colvin that she loved him. It was the place where he had spurned her. So much had happened to her since then, but as she stood, conjuring the memory and the emotions, she thought for a moment she could make it real if she just wished hard enough. To hear his voice again, one last time. To see the scar at his eyebrow. To touch his hand.

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To smell him, close and tight in a hug. It was the distraction of her thoughts and emotions that made her fail to hear the approach, until a boot cracked on a branch and alerted her with a startle. Lia turned her head, seeing the man approach. The wind rustled the trees sending a blizzard of apple blossoms, veiling him. Mickey mouse you and me we got this poster Her heart wrenched with longing. Was she dreaming? The gait of the man walking, the height and size of him was as familiar as her own shadow. She began to tremble and clutched the apple tree, afraid her senses were tricking her. The petal flurry slowed and she saw him – Colvin.Her heart thudded in her chest, her eyes widening with shock. He looked hale, not sickly. He was staring at her, walking purposefully closer. Was he a shade? Had he died in the dungeon and now came to her from the dead as the Aldermaston had done? Tears stung her eyes, but she saw something else.

She noticed the orb in his hand – the Cruciger orb. The spindles were pointing at her. Colvin stuffed the orb in a pouch at his waist and cinched the strings closed with a tug. He ducked past a looming apple branch and came up near her, his face lighting with an expressive smile of pure delight at finding her there, in the Cider Orchard. Lia bit her lip, feeling tears blur her gaze. Was it real? Was it a dream? Was she only dreaming? The bark felt real against her hands as she scraped them, squeezing the wood so hard her knuckles blanched. Colvin? she whispered breathlessly, her legs trembling.

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Her whole body trembled. He stood in front of her, looking deep into her eyes and grabbed her hands so she could feel the flesh and warmth. He was real and his eyes were shining with warmth and love. You are truly Ellowyn Demont, he said softly and then squeezed her hands fiercely. But to me, you will always be Lia. She gasped when he spoke her name. Is the binding broken then? You can speak my name? A languid smile stretched over his mouth. The binding sigil is broken. It has been broken since Twelfth Night. I know who you are, Lia. Mickey mouse you and me we got this poster I know everything about you now.Your father’s tome is in my rucksack with mine. I know everything, Lia. His hand strayed and brushed aside a lock of her hair. You did it. You did what he meant you to do. Tears filled his eyes. I am so proud of you, Lia.

Mickey mouse you and me we got this poster

Your courage did not fail. He gazed at her pointedly. Neither did mine. If I could have sent you word, I would have. Believe that. But I only just escaped and I rode hard and fast. Lia was so startled and shocked, she clutched him, seizing his tunic front and hugging him so tightly, breathing in his smell, the texture of his tunic and shirt. She squeezed him so hard she was afraid she was hurting him. What of Hillel? she asked fearfully. Colvin stroked her hair.She weds the young king in a fortnight. After all, I am dead now. Mickey mouse you and me we got this poster She looked at him, seeing the humor in his eyes. You seem very sturdy for a ghost. What are you saying? Please do not jest! My heart is still near breaking.That this is a dream and I will awaken. I will tell you all, he answered. But first, may I kiss you? My darling. My wife. She stiffened. He looked at her, gazing at her face, feeling through her wild hair with his fingertips. He brushed the back of his hand across her cheek. Do not fear my touch, Lia, he whispered. Your father foresaw it perfectly. I knew who Hillel was truly.

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