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“How old were you? Eight or so? The roots are deep inside of you. Pilot The Sky Is Calling And I Must Go poster It will be difficult to pluck the weeds out. He should not have permitted you to learn. I can sense your strength, child. You are powerful. You will become an even stronger hetaera.” He smiled smugly, approaching the bars. His finger grazed one, stroking the iron tenderly. “No man can enter the lair and survive. The gargouelle will destroy any man with madness. Only a girl can enter. It is the hetaera’s test. Like the maston test, there are oaths. If you do not make the oaths, you will die. You will die to be reborn. When we next speak, child, you will be one of us.”

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The feelings in her heart made her tremble with dread. She had never felt so terrified, so alone, so abandoned. They were feelings, but they were not real. Yet they were real. They slithered through her defenses. Lia stared at him. “I am already reborn. I died at Muirwood. Pilot The Sky Is Calling And I Must Go poster You cannot kill me.” There was delight in his smile. “Remember, child. To surive the ordeal you must forge a kystrel. It is the only thing that will save you when the light of the torch burns out. The light is the only thing that will keep the serpents from biting you. If they bite you, you will die. Take her to the garden.” As the Aldermaston turned away from her to walk away, Lia glanced down at the thing Colvin had pressed into her hand. It was the cemetery ring she had given him to wear. The ring she had worn as a child since the storm. Even amidst the despair, fear, and doubt, she clung to the thread of knowledge that the ring represented.

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“They brought Lia to the Leering stone at dusk tonight. We could see it from the balcony as they marched her through the hedge maze. I remember how it felt. The anticipation and dread. Colvin was upset but I soothed him. He watched as the Aldermaston handed her a torch and she was lowered into the pit. The stone was pushed to cover the opening. She will be there all night. Colvin says he will hold vigil instead of dancing. I will keep him company and soothe his fears. Pilot The Sky Is Calling And I Must Go poster I will stay in his room all night. He does not understand where we are or what is happening. I whispered in his ear that I wanted to leave Dochte Abbey. I whispered that we needed to find a way to escape. He believes me. He believes everything I tell him. It will all be worth it, when he is mine.”

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As the stone lid of the Leering scraped into place, Lia experienced the sense of utter abandonment. She was in a grave, a narrow slit of a tunnel that stank of rot and decay. Long wriggling centipedes twisted in the exposed earth. There were mushrooms everywhere, spongy brown with black splotches. The air was stale and fetid. Pilot The Sky Is Calling And I Must Go poster Lia wanted to cover her mouth, but the shackles on her wrists and ankles prevented her. She wore the ring beneath her bodice and felt its firm edge against her skin.

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