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He kicked the horse’s flanks and rode hard down the hillside to the valley. The hooves churned and splashed up mud. As he reached his master’s side, Martin shook himself out of his stirrups and came down. The Prince’s face was ashen. “My lord!” He felt for the throb of his heartbeat and it was there, just a tremulous little thing. “My lord prince! Are you awake? Can you speak?” West Highland White Terrier Dog American Flag The Prince’s eyes fluttered open. He was exhausted. “A little rest, Martin. Then I will be well.” His voice was barely a whisper. “I brought the acorns. My saddlebag is full.” He wiped rain from the Prince’s face. The sky drenched them.

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Lia and Kieran followed Reome to Lambeth manor, a stone fortress built in the heart of a rundown neighborhood in the center of the Stews. West Highland White Terrier Dog American Flag The grounds were blocked by ivy-fed stone, tipped with spikes but there were tree branches visible within, revealing some open inner area beyond the walls. The manor had a large main keep that rose up in the north apex of the grounds, but it was not as imposing as the citadel of Pent Tower. Still, it was impossible to see inside the grounds of Lambeth and as Reome approached one of the porter doors at the rear, Lia motioned for Kieran to hold back.

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Startled, Reome jerked around and stared at Lia in surprise. It was clear she had recognized Lia’s voice. “What are you doing in Comoros?” Her eyes betrayed loathing as well as fear. “Is he paying you as well?” Lia noticed Reome hug the basket protectively and had a suspicion. She reached for the wicker rim and lifted the blanket covering the wet contents. West Highland White Terrier Dog American Flag Within the basket were several green gowns, too fancy and expensive to belong to Reome. The workmanship showed a master seamstress and the color was the kind that Marciana preferred. “She is here, Reome,” Lia said. “This is where Dieyre is keeping Marciana.”

West Highland White Terrier Dog American Flag Face Mask

Lia was not sure if she meant the local blacksmith or the Aldermaston. “If you stay in Comoros, you will die. So will the babe. It is true, Reome. West Highland White Terrier Dog American Flag You must believe me. A great sickness is coming. It will sweep over every land, every kingdom. There is only safety in Muirwood. The Aldermaston will take you back. I promise you he will. Did Dieyre promise to bring you to Dahomey?” Reome sniffled and nodded. “He has a manor there. Better than this one. He promised I would never work. That I could live there and raise the child. I was told he sent for me. That I would leave on a ship. Tonight.” Lia angered at the lie. She knew the truth as soon as Reome had spoken. She saw it flash in her mind like a blaze of lightning. “No. He will keep you here. You are the decoy. It is Marciana who is leaving tonight in your place. You are her disguise. Do you see my friend over there? The tall one in the shadows? He will show you a safe place to go. Where are they hiding her? In the keep?”

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