Worn by force not by fear face mask


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We do not use it very often,” she answered softly. “That keramat comes at a great sacrifice to the user. Worn by force not by fear One exchanges a portion of his life force for another. Many who have this keramat do not reveal it except to close family, for they are the only ones that they would give up a portion of their own life for.” Annon stared at her in surprise, and Erasmus waved his hand patiently. “You get what you pay for, Annon. A life for a life. There are those who sell a portion of themselves—a week or a month at a time. If they are desperate for money.” “A Vaettir would never sell this,” she said with a touch of anger.

Worn by force not by fear

Erasmus pursed his lips. “I’ve seen it traded, my lady. Everything has a price in Havenrook. What I suggest here is not a severe sacrifice. Grant the life back to a Rike of Seithrall. Ask him what he knows about Basilides. We would not give him much of his life back. A fortnight, maybe. Do you know this keramat?” “I do not. But the Shaliah who trained me does. Worn by force not by fear He may be unwilling for one of the Arch-Rike’s minions.” Annon was incredulous, but the idea had merit. “Regardless of whether we do this, it would make sense if we took their clothes at any rate. It would be easier to gain access to the place if we looked like we belonged. It seems that the prince shared that sentiment anyway.” Khiara nodded softly. “I will ask.” Annon looked at Erasmus. “You search the bodies. See if you can choose one who may be the most likely to know where we can find Basilides. Do you remember how many…?”

He shook his head. They had not known each other for very long, but he felt connected with her in a way that defied explanation. Their time together in the woods had created a bond. The thought of anyone damaging her tree again and banishing her from the world filled him with horror. He did not know how she felt about him. He swallowed his nervousness. When the trouble with the Scourgelands was over, he hoped to be able to return to Silvandom. He hoped to learn more of her and of the spirits in the land. “Do you have any jewelry that you wear? A bracelet, say. Around your…your ankle?”

Worn by force not by fear face mask

She nodded, satisfied. “Being a leader is not about rank or power. It is not even about skill or cunning. Worn by force not by fear The best leaders, Annon, serve those they lead. You are united to a common goal. They will not follow you because Tyrus said so. They will follow you if they believe in their hearts that you care about them. That you sincerely desire their good regard. That you treat them with honor and respect and humility. The more of yourself you give away, the more they will flock to you. They will heed you. They will sacrifice for you. They will suffer with you.” She smiled and touched his arm. “That is how to lead men. That is how to earn the respect of Mirrowen.”

“I’m frightened,” he confessed. “The Arch-Rike will send everything he can to stop us. I do not understand why, but I will do what I can to stop him. Without my uncle…I mean, without Tyrus, I do not know how much of a chance we stand.” She nodded sympathetically but said nothing. “Thank you for your help,” he said. “I do not think you would know where Basilides is, since it is within the Arch-Rike’s sphere of control, and he does not control the woods west of Silvandom.”

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