I Only Use Periodically Ugly Christmas Sweater

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Our exclusive range knitwear are the only “true” 3D knits in the world – made from Environmentally friendly synthetic wool fibers

MATERIAL TYPE: 70% acrylic – 20% wool – 10% Spandex.

We use wool active fibre, meaning it reacts to your body’s temperature to keep you warm in the Winter and cool in the Summer.

This comfortable sweater is a great addition to any wardrobe. Perfect for layering on brisk mornings, this sweater is equipped with stretch properties so your swing is sure to flow unhindered

PRINT: Dye-sublimation printing, colors won’t fade or peel.

WASH CARE: Machine Wash Cold With Like Colors, Tumble Dry low if needed or lay flat to dry, use mild detergent, dry immediately.

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I Only Use Periodically Ugly Christmas Sweater

You are such a great communicator. My family & I are so grateful for AND to you. Thank you! Gina.  I have to credit my co-author Gene Openshaw for his brilliance in making our favorite slices of European art both more meaningful and more enjoyable with his writing. Thanks Gene! What a lovely gift on Sunday morning. I was enthralled by this work as a fledgling art historian 4 decades ago, and have enjoyed this analysis reminding me of that time!

I Only Use Periodically Ugly Christmas Sweater

My husband gave me your art book as an early Christmas gift. I am really enjoying it. It would make a great Christmas (or birthday) gift for anyone who loves art. I am learning a lot from it. Ive been fortunate enough to visit this twice – once before restoration and once afterwards. Just being in this village is wonderful enough for any traveler but having the time (and it takes time) to admire and study this tour-de-force of Medieval painting is truly life-altering. Thanks for sharing! Thank you so much for feeding our minds and souls today, Rick! We are avid followers of your PBS travel series! It is a blessing to travel with you in 2020, as you continue sharing the fascinating and beautiful world beyond our shores.

I have always loved your shows. Have been fortunate in my long lifetime to travel to many of the places you highlight. Recently have realized how much you contribute to the acceptance of other cultures and races. Our country needs that so much right now. Thank you.