Dog Pilot that’s what I do I fly and I know things poster


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“As much right as any man here. Shut your mouth before I do. Follow me, lass.” He did not look back at her and started up the gangplank. Dog Pilot that’s what I do I fly and I know things Lia shuddered involuntarily and followed, for the commotion on the dock had attracted the eyes of the crew. Many whistled and jeered at her and she swallowed the deep feeling of nervousness that clung to each breath. She saw that several had noticed her gladius, which raised eyebrows and infused them with curiosity. She kept her hood up, hiding her tangle of hair, but she could see them peering at her face as she approached. The sailor with the rope, Malcolm if she had heard correctly, reached the main deck and turned back, offering her his hand to assist her. When she took his grip, she felt the Medium spark between them. He stared into her eyes and she returned the look, but neither said anything.

Dog Pilot meme?

She walked across the crowded deck, feeling the leers and grins surround her. He shoved past several rude sailors who hung so close there was hardly room to pass. Dog Pilot that’s what I do I fly and I know things Lia followed, uncomfortable by the press of bodies. A few whispers reached her ears that she had been purchased by the captain to sport with on the journey. Greedy eyes stared at her hungrily and a spasm of panic nearly threatened her composure. She trusted the Medium implicitly, but she felt she was in real danger. Guarding her fears, she kept her face solemn and resolved as she walked, remembering her courage when she had faced Almaguer’s men in the Bearden Muir.

That’s what I do I fly and I know things

He spoke the words softly, almost too soft to hear, but Lia felt the spark of the Medium. Dog Pilot that’s what I do I fly and I know things The black-haired man started, looking confused, and then railed on the crew to get back to work. His gray-eyed gaze met hers and then he led her under the bulkhead into the narrow passage back to the captain’s quarters. He did not knock, only twisted the handle and pushed the door open.

“The Aldermaston will see you now,” he said, nodding to her. Lia startled at the word, then gave him a thankful bow and proceeded. Upon opening the door, she saw the lushly furnished quarters and smelled the strong scents of breakfast lingering in the air. The captain was older, probably in his fifties, with streaks of gray in his reddish hair and beard.

Dog Pilot that’s what I do I fly and I know things poster

The noise drew his attention and his eyes lifted to her face. Dog Pilot that’s what I do I fly and I know things The effect of seeing her was unmistakable on his countenance. He paled instantly, his eyes widening with startled shock. His mouth parted silently, gaping. Sweeping the hat from his head, he crushed it against his leather tunic. She had never seen him before in her life, but he stared at her as if he had known her all the while. “No,” he said with a moan, shaking his head. He rubbed his eyes, blinking furiously. There were tears glistening there. He wiped his mouth and beard, staring at her, struck by so many conflicting emotions that she pitied the haunted expressions. Never had she had such an encounter – been the source of so much distress at meeting a man for the first time.

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