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His mouth twisted into a snarl. “For many years I have not been able to speak of it. My crew has changed, save one. Donkey Nice Arse poster He who brought you to me. Malcolm was the only one left.” The captain walked around the edge of his table and approached her. His breath stank of decay, but she willed herself not to flinch. She had gutted enough wild boar in the woods surrounding Muirwood not to lose her stomach so easily. His hand lifted to her cloud of wavy hair and he touched it gingerly, his eyes closing with a memory that obviously pained him. “My mouth must be silent on certain matters, lass. I cannot speak of them, for I am cursed by Sheol for what I did. Do you know who I am?”

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“My name is Tomas Aldermaston.” He sneered at her. “A jib, my lady. A mock. I was born in the northern Hundreds, Donkey Nice Arse poster a wretched of Dun Pharlain Abbey. After serving my time, I went amidst the shipbuilders of Dun Pharlain town on the mouth of Firth River. There I learned to be a crew. They called me Aldermaston instead of Tomas Crew because I was a wretched. But I learned the trade well. I served under several captains and had a gift for turning a profit. But the greatest profit I ever earned was arresting the king’s cousin on a voyage to Bridgestow. She was marrying a prince, you see, against the king’s wishes. We caught her cog easily enough and my men did their work well. We only killed the Evnissyen left to protect her. The rest…we spared.” His eyes bore into hers. “I shall never forget that lass. I shall never forget her, though I live to be a hundred and forty.” He turned away from her and walked back to the table, staggering as he did. His voice was muffled, but she could still hear him speak.

“I was paid two hundred crowns. Two hundred. A ransom greater than any I had earned. I would give every farthing of it back. I would give ten-fold back and drown in Sheol if I could bring back the tide and do it again.” He looked back at her, his eyes full of suffering. “She was held in Pent Tower for three years. She was kept from her husband for the first three years of their marriage.” His teeth chattered. “And she died in the birthing chamber. Snuffed out, like a golden wax taper.” With a sweep of his arm, he scattered everything off the table. Lia started as the sacks of coins, the tuns of spice, the flagons all crashed and spilled on the wooden floor. He slammed his fist down on the table, so hard she wondered if he broke his hand. Whirling at her, he approached again, his finger fixed in the air.

Donkey Nice Arse poster

I can say no more of what I know. My tongue cleaves to my mouth when I try to speak more of it. Donkey Nice Arse poster These many years have the memories tormented me. I would recognize your face anywhere. I know who you are. You bid me take you to Dahomey? We were departing to Dahomey this very morn. You bid me take you to Dochte? Then you shall go there and torture those fools and haunt them instead of me. I have a shipment of cider due thereabouts.” He scratched his cheek roughly, staring at her with anguish. “I am yours to command. If you bid me sail you into the great Deep, I will do it. Most captains fear to sail beyond the outer island, but I fear it not. There is a stirring in me that says I will sink into Sheol, or else brave the seas beyond those islands ‘ere I die. This ship was built to ride the high seas. There is no distance too great. It lures me. It whispers to me. If you bid me sail you there, I will, lass. I fear it not.

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