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The Arch-Rike smiled, a thin-lipped, cold smile. “Because each time the Plague grows more fierce. Star wars all lightsaber duel cartoon Each time more lives are lost. Only through wisdom and unity will we survive. The Cruithne will die in Alkire. The Preachán will perish in Havenrook. The Vaettir will be dead. Even the barbarians of Boeotia will perish. All civilization will come crashing to an end, except for this city. I have foreseen it, Paedrin. Before the end comes, we must harvest the wisest from all cultures and preserve their knowledge. If you were the last of the Bhikhu, I would order you cut down to preserve the priceless knowledge that you hold.”

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He paused, smiling wryly. “But you are not the last Bhikhu. You are merely a pawn in a game of power played between Tyrus of Kenatos and myself. He would send us back into the abyss of ignorance by freeing all of the serving spirits. Yes, I said serving. He and others claim they are slaves. They serve us. They are not our slaves. Every one of them will be set free when their commitment is fulfilled. They are preserving us, Paedrin. They will help us survive the coming onslaught. Star wars all lightsaber duel cartoon And Tyrus seeks to hasten it. Tyrus aids our enemies and undermines our ability to save as many souls as we can.” Paedrin shook his head, hearing the Arch-Rike’s words but unable to understand what he meant. “By this ring, I can see that you believe you are telling the truth. But certainly there can be two opinions on this matter. Locking me in this cell is hardly befitting one who has been trained to serve Kenatos.”

Paedrin tried to stop his arms from moving, but he could not. The compulsion was incredibly powerful, going directly through his arms and fingers. He reached through the bars and handed the stone to the Arch-Rike, who fastened it to a jeweled necklace around his neck. There were matching ink-black stones inset into gold.

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“You will serve me best as a Kishion. They are dead as to things of this world. Star wars all lightsaber duel cartoon They do not marry. They do not have children. They have no past. They have no future. You will accept blame of your role in the theft of the blade Iddawc, and you will be hung for the crime. But of course a Vaettir cannot die by hanging, so long as he has breath. You will survive and you will be reborn. I have great need of you, Paedrin. You must serve Kenatos still.” Paedrin felt a sheen of sweat appear on his back and trickle down. He thought of his master. He thought of Hettie. He thought of the man with the ravaged face who had broken his arm. “Or remain here in the dark for the rest of your life?” the Arch-Rike said with a small smile. “Come, Paedrin. You will serve me. Twist the black gemstone on the ring.”

Star wars all lightsaber duel cartoon poster

“With this necklace,” the Arch-Rike said, “I control all of you. You are my servants. You will forget your name. You will remember being born in the darkness. You will say what I wish you to say. You will do what I wish you to do. Is that clear, Paedrin?” The feeling was total and utter hopelessness. Every instinct screamed at him to resist, to defy the Arch-Rike. Star wars all lightsaber duel cartoon But somehow part of him was taken away when the stone left the ring. Some spirit magic was at work now. It crushed him.

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