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Though he was bone-thin, his grip was like iron. Boeotians rushed through the smoke, closing in around them, Cat Technically Alcohol Is A Solution around the tree. Nizeera screamed and launched herself at the foremost, claws raking. The gaunt man laughed with madness, his eyes blazing. A horrible stench came from his lips. He wrestled Annon, keeping him from defending the tree. Annon struggled against him, trying to break free. He was amazed at the Black Druidecht’s strength. The sound of an ax chopping into the trunk. Another blow and then another. Annon struggled to free himself, but his captor was maddened. He howled with laughter.

Cat with alcohol cup

Annon’s mind raced frantically. Nizeera was attacking as many as she could. The ax blows continued. Cat Technically Alcohol Is A Solution Annon whirled around, trying to throw the gaunt man off balance. He was bigger than the other man, weighed more. His wrists throbbed with pain at the clenching fingers. The Boeotian faced him, ax chopping furiously at the bark, exposing the depths of the gash. It was a huge scar on the tree, growing like a stain.

Annon waited until the man pulled back to start another swing. Then with all his strength, he shoved the Black Druidecht backward into the path of the blade. There was a gush of blood, the spray blinding Annon momentarily. The grip on his wrists went slack as the Black Druid suddenly fled, screaming in agony. Annon saw the severed arm on the ground at his feet. He raised his hands again. Pyricanthas. Sericanthas. Thas.

Technically Alcohol Is A Solution

Whirling, Annon found himself surrounded. He unleashed a controlled firestorm in the grove, sending it out in wave after wave. Cat Technically Alcohol Is A Solution His heart pounded. His ears rang. He was losing himself in the magic. He was vanishing. A blow struck his side. Another against his leg.

A sharp spasm of pain brought him down on one knee. Spots danced in front of his eyes. He was going to die. He had failed. Uttering a groan, he drew from his depths once again, sending another sheet of flames fanning out in front of the tree. Crookedly, he tried to rise, but his leg would not permit it and he fell backward, striking the base of the ancient oak. He felt his life draining away. The flames in his fingers dissipated. He was defenseless. A single blow would finish him.

Cat Technically Alcohol Is A Solution poster

They were all Vaettir-born, like Paedrin. Over a dozen slammed into the earth, crashing through the smoke and haze of fire. Cat Technically Alcohol Is A Solution They held swords and staves, whips and javelins. The Boeotians charged them in a clash of bodies. Annon felt a sliver of hope. Just a shard. The weapons whirled and clacked, fists and feet and skin smacking and shoving.

Annon closed his eyes, feeling himself floating. It was a peaceful feeling. It was dying. He knew it. Somehow, it was familiar. Heal him, whispered a voice. A woman’s voice. The most beautiful voice he had ever heard. Just a whisper. Just a breath of air. But it was the most lovely sound he had ever heard.

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