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His gaze pierced Annon. I cannot tell you whether your uncle’s story is true. I lack the knowledge. In the morning, I go to defend a corner of Silvandom where the Thirteen say a Dryad is hidden. Come with me. They live for hundreds of years. She may have the knowledge you seek. Too alien for earth too human for outer space Your uncle told you to find the oracle Basilides. Perhaps the Dryad knows where the oracle may be found and whether your uncle tells the truth.” His eyes narrowed. The suggestion startled Annon. His eyes were getting drowsy, but he sat up and stared at his mentor, his friend. I would enjoy the companionship. Most of the raids are happening in the northern borders of Silvandom via the mountain passes. I seek to safeguard the western edge. If there is trouble, we will send for others to assist. That is, if you will join me.

Too alien for earth

Annon thought it over quickly. What he had been told about Dryads fascinated him immensely. There was something about them, some connection to his uncle that he had not revealed to Reeder. The oak in the Paracelsus Towers. That was not a coincidence. Too alien for earth too human for outer space Did his uncle know the tree likely contained a Dryad? Had he anticipated the distrust Annon would have? Likely so. If the mysteries of his uncle could be revealed in a manner that would satisfy a Druidecht, he would be more likely to believe his uncle’s version of events.

I see you hesitate, Reeder said. I will not push you. My older bones are ready for a blanket. Decide in the morning if you wish to accompany me. Annon shook his head. It is not that, Reeder. I think it would be useful if I did join you. I was only mulling what you told me. Reeder reached for a blanket and wrapped himself in the warm folds. Think as long as you like. Only spare the oil lamp and blow out the flame ere you sleep.

Too human for outer space

The woods were dark and lonely in the morning light. A thin haze crept amidst the trees, blanketing the morning with a veil of fog. Annon and Reeder walked side by side, enjoying the brisk air and the chance to be together again. Annon’s emotions were tangled and conflicted. He thought about his uncle. He thought about Erasmus. More importantly, he wondered if he had lost his senses completely. Why was he doing this? Why was he even involved? Why had he bothered to listen to Reeder in the first place?

Amidst his tangled emotions was a sense of dread. He was worried about Hettie. Too alien for earth too human for outer space What was she doing? Where was she? Was she safe? There were too many questions to answer. More than anything else, he wanted answers. He did not want explanations or excuses. He wanted to know the truth. He wanted certainty before he chose.

Too alien for earth too human for outer space poster

The spirits of Silvandom heard his troubled thoughts. There were many in the forest. They were aware of him, listening to his troubled feelings, his conflicting thoughts. He felt their presence all around him like gossamer butterflies, attracted to his intensely personal feeling of doom. “You’re deep in thought, said Reeder. Too alien for earth too human for outer space I was a little surprised you chose to come with me this morning. I hope to find answers, said Annon. Is that so strange? It was difficult judging when dawn had actually broken. The mist blocked the rising sun, causing the light to gradually grow. Annon was not sure of the moment when he realized that it was day, but the details around him grew sharper. The lush green trees, the dewy grass, the chittering of insects. Before he knew it, he realized it was dawn. Somehow it just happened.

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