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Annon smiled in pleasure. The Ocean is calling and i must go Canton Vaud was the seat of the Druidecht hierarchy. It was much like a king’s court and traveled from land to land, settling disputes and arbitrating between the spirits of Mirrowen and those in the mortal world. I was unaware that Canton Vaud was in Silvandom. Is the matter truly as grave as that? The huge cat purred and nuzzled against his arm. It slowly slinked around behind them, pausing to sniff disinterestedly at Erasmus, who stiffened and began twitching uncontrollably.

Swimming hoobie?

The coarse fur bristled slightly then fell flat. It finished circling Erasmus, emitting a low growl intended to frighten him more. The long whiskers stroked against the Preachán’s wrist, and he issued a shiver of breath. “Druidecht?” Erasmus whispered hoarsely.

Nizeera turned back to Annon, The Ocean is calling and i must go fixing him with her gleaming eyes. He stinks of the city, of ale and wine and coin. I do not trust him, but I trust you, Druidecht. You are of the fireblood. I smell it in your hands. I am bound to obey you. The great cat lowered its head respectfully, shocking Annon. No one serves me, Annon thought. You are not bound to me. Do not mock my oath, Nizeera said with a growl. It was not given lightly. He felt its offense rising hard and fast, its eyes glittering, the air chilling suddenly. He nodded in acquiescence, and that seemed to satisfy her.

The Ocean is calling

Annon had been told about it, but he had never expected to visit it before he was twice his current age. It was comprised of Druidechts from every land and every race. The Ocean is calling and i must go They were the wisest of men and women, those who had earned their talismans and other gifts from the spirits, and they roamed the lands seeking to arbitrate troubles.

As Annon and Erasmus approached Canton Vaud, the young Druidecht stared in awe at the large tents, some elaborate in size and fashion. There were large brackets full of smoking incense attached to wooden poles, giving the air a sweet and musty scent. Spirits enjoyed smells and tastes as well as music, and there could be heard across the pavilions the airs of song and instruments. Zigzagging lights streamed through the air, the physical presence of spirits communing with the Druidecht of Canton Vaud. There was an urgent, anxious feeling in the air. The spirits were whispering about dangers in the forests. Of threats and ax blades and the smoking torches that harmed their kind. The snippets of thought and fear surprised Annon.

The Ocean is calling and i must go poster

“This is a sight,” Erasmus muttered, staring at the colorful pavilions, the taut ropes, the scurrying of animals and birds and other enchanted beings like Nizeera. The Ocean is calling and i must go The big cat padded through the throng, never once looking back at them. This is the seat of the Druidecht,” Annon explained in a low voice, growing more anxious himself as he heard the thought whispers. “They never stay in one kingdom for long. Who are the leaders? Annon rubbed his mouth. “Only the wisest are chosen. There are thirteen. I have never met any.”

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