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He took another spoonful A Cat Nice Butt poster of soup and devoured it. He fished around for a chunk of meat and then chewed it, nearly burning his tongue. When he finished, he looked at her again. His eyes were wise beyond his years, as she had noticed earlier. “Talk of marriage and war. The king of Comoros, he has come thither to study at the Abbey. If thou wilt listen, thou wilt hear he shall marry a lass. She be the heir of Demont. They shall marry and stop all the warring in that accursed land.” He slurped more of the soup. “If they do not marry, there will be a war. There be too many from Comoros here and they crave the warring to happen. Dost thou know who stays at the Lily here in Vezins? Another earl from Comoros, he be. A fine swordsman. Thou may call him Dieyre. An’ he is paying ten crowns for the boy or man who brings him word of a boat a comin’ from Comoros.  I know’ve a boat just arrived from Doviur, but the Holk was not the vessel he seeks.” He seemed ashamed of a sudden, as if realizing that he was talking too much.

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But Lia could not control her expression of dismay. She could do nothing but stare in shock at the little boy who, A Cat Nice Butt poster between mouthfuls of soup, had just revealed the worst news she could imagine. If the wretched who believed she was Ellowyn Demont consented to marry the king, what impact would it have on Lia if the truth became known? She had no desire to marry the young king, whose father she had slain with a Pry-rian arrow. Even though he had been under the guardianship of Garen Demont, she knew he must have been corrupted by Pareigis. The thought of being forced to marry him sickened her. It was equally alarming to learn that Dieyre was in Vezins. When she thought of Reome carrying his child, she wanted to run him through with her gladius. How much suffering he had caused and continued to cause. He was undoubtedly waiting for a ship to bring Marciana to him. What would he do when he learned it was not coming? She could see the additional pieces of the Queen Dowager’s plan locking together. At Muirwood’s cloisters, Lia had witnessed Dieyre promoting marriage between Ellowyn Demont and the young king. He had tried to persuade her to aim for it.

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Lia stayed up late baking bread, pizzelles, and even a sambocade. The soup cauldron was scraped empty before the guests had settled for the night, A Cat Nice Butt poster sharing ladders to climb up to the loft curtains. In the time she had spent with them, she had learned the innkeeper’s name – Huette – and also learned the Jouvent was not her natural son. She had lost three children to fevers and sickness and then lost her husband to the sea. Instead of despairing, she had started the inn to support herself. On a stormy night that had battered the dock-bound ships, a young woman from the Abbey had come.

A Cat Nice Butt poster

She was very ill and very rich and very much with child and Jouvent had been born by the hearth that night. A Cat Nice Butt poster The young woman was determined to abandon the child at the Abbey, but Huette had persuaded her to leave the child with her since bringing it out into the storm would have killed it for certain. The young woman did not care what happened to the child, so long as she was rid of it. She never left her name and she never came again. Lia stared at the boy as the innkeeper shared the story. Though a sickly thing at birth, he had managed to survive the winter and had grown strong and sturdy ever since.

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