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He attempted to read over my shoulder and see what I write in my tome, but I did not permit him. It is for my secrets and not to be shared. He is very kind and his humor reminds me somewhat of Edmon. I miss those evenings in the kitchens of Muirwood. How simple and peaceful they were. Here there is studying all day long and dances and fetes until late into the night. Victory Ma This is How i save the world The cider is delicious but I only sip a little. Colvin will not drink it. During the dances he broods. I wish he would ask me to dance. Sometimes I stare at the dancers with great interest, but he ignores me. I do not think he cares to dance.”

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Ships of every mast and size thronged the port of Doviur. Hundreds of gulls squawked and swooped, mirroring the commotion existing on the piers below. Victory Ma This is How i save the world The horizon was a tangled skein of ropes, poles, masts, and large hooks and cranes. Lia kept the Cruciger orb hidden within the fold of her cloak and stared at the spindle as it pointed the way she needed to go. Her request was simple – find me a ship that will bring me to Dochte Abbey. The orb obeyed, allowing her to weave in and out of the crowds, through plumes of charcoal smoke and the sick aroma of decaying fish.

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The vessels were of different sizes, but they were similar in design. Tall masts rigged with triangular sails, some folded, some flapping. Victory Ma This is How i save the world Burly men worked to load and unload the ships, some cursing and others struggling against their burdens. As she had experienced in Comoros, she could feel no trace of the Medium in Doviur, and she had not felt it since leaving the cave that morning. The Myriad Ones skulked and sniffed, enjoying the feelings of anger and impatience that permeated the air. Lia walked purposefully, feeling stronger and yet wondering how she was going to beg passage aboard the vessel she found. She had some money given her by the Aldermaston, but she was not certain what it would cost.

As the orb led her closer to the ship she sought, her mind wandered at what she would say. Though she desired passage to the Abbey, she realized that it may not be possible to land there directly and there might be some foot travel required. Desperately, she wanted to reach Dahomey, to find Colvin and warn him of the dangers they faced. The Medium continued to guide her, but there was a worried twist in her stomach, a feeling that every delay should be avoided.

Victory Ma This is How i save the world face mask

The orb spindles changed direction, leading down a dock aisle. Berthed at the end of it was a ship that dwarfed those around it. Instead of triangular sails, Victory Ma This is How i save the world it was rigged with several square sails, with a hive of masts and rigging. Sailors thronged the deck, some scurrying up and down ropes. The sides were dark and caked with slime and pitch. It was enormous, a huge mass of wood and cloth and rope. A small row of barrels were pushed up the gangplank, probably provisions for the journey. Several discarded ropes were being collected and wrapped. It seemed as if the loading was nearing an end. The spindles pointed towards the ship unmistakably. Summoning her courage, she concealed the Cruciger orb and advanced. As she drew near, the whistles began and several members of the crew took immediate interest. They were a rowdy sort. She grit her teeth as she approached.

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