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It was a grace among the Vaettir to be able to control their breath. Always start your day on a high note That grace made it particularly useful when crossing bodies of water, for rarely did a Vaettir sink unless he chose to. Paedrin’s ability could not extend to Hettie, but he carried her bow, quiver, and pack and transported them across the wide, sluggish river while she set out with strong strokes to reach the other side. The river felt wider than it looked, as is often the case, and he found her drifting downstream despite her stamina. He reached the other side first, which was only natural since he could walk across the lapping waters as if they were merely puddles, and after depositing her gear, he went back to help her, even though he knew she would refuse.

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With some spirit magic, there is no distance. He removed a small tub from a pouch at his waist and opened it for Paedrin. “Another layer of grease will not hurt. You must keep it from touching your skin. Foolish of you to put it on, Bhikhu. May cost you your finger in the end.” The last was said with a smirk. Always start your day on a high note I had hoped we lost you by now,” Paedrin remarked coldly as he applied more of the salve to his ring finger. But we do not always get our wish. You followed us then?

Kiranrao nodded and said nothing more. “I travel faster than you do. There is other business to attend to. Romani caravans to gain news from. The Arch-Rike hunts us still, but we are quickly passing beyond his reach. There is a comfortable caravan wagon not far from here where I will sleep tonight. Enjoy your cave, and I will see you in the morning. We enter Silvandom together. Brother.”

Start your day on a high note

He led her into the tangle of trees and into a gulch. The glow of the fire could finally be seen then, Always start your day on a high note reflecting off the trickle of a stream in the gulch’s belly. He breathed himself down the embankment and then reached up, helping her jump down. The cave was little more than a sloughing of earth that had collapsed long ago during a rainstorm. Trees sheltered the area on all sides and provided cover for sound as well as shielding the light from the fire. Kiranrao had chosen the place well.

Hettie hurried forward and crouched by the small tongues of heat. She bathed her hands directly into the flames and they did not burn her. Her face showed the first signs of relish. The inlet was small but it could fit both of them, sitting close together. He joined her next to the fire, savoring the light as much as the heat. She twisted a clump of hair and quickly began drying it. He watched her, fascinated.

Always start your day on a high note face mask

He wanted to understand Kiranrao better. He wanted to understand her better. Always start your day on a high note Little sayings and catchphrases were common in every culture. But he wanted to understand his enemy better. To understand the way his mind worked. What better way than to study from his traditions? It would also help him understand Hettie as well.

“There are so many,” she said. “Hundreds, probably. It is a point of Romani pride to be able to speak a saying that the other person does not already know. If that happens, you nod your head in deference. Since I have spent the last ten years training as a Finder, I do not know all the latest sayings. But some have been handed down for generations.”

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