this mask is as useless as the government face mask


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Tyrus paused, his voice thickening. “I cannot tell you the anguish and torture it was to let Hettie be stolen by that Romani midwife. I hated myself for not predicting it. I helped you enter this world and was the first to hold you. Your father was a good man. He trusted me. He lost his life because of me. this mask is as useless as the government As I watched you sleep for the first time, curled near your mother’s breast, I felt a surge of emotions that were completely alien to me. It was that experience which helped me understand that I needed to be willing to sacrifice something important in order to repair the damage of the Plague. A child would be required. A Dryad child to bond with a tree in the Scourgelands and learn the truth about the past. How could I ask that sacrifice of anyone else other than myself? How could I expect a mother to suppress her feelings if I was not willing to? You see it all now, Annon. You see my secret. You know my plan. The Arch-Rike realizes I am up to some mischief. He has no idea what. By telling you both what I have, I increase the odds of my success.”

This mask is as useless as the government

The Paracelsus smiled smugly. “I did when we first met, old friend. this mask is as useless as the government But you wanted to make a difference in this world. You have ambitions of making it a more just and equitable place. Not to mention this would be the greatest political upset in a thousand years.”

Annon stared at the platter of food and realized how famished he was. Tyrus watched him begin to devour the meal. He looked calm and peaceful. The frantic edge in his eyes had been replaced by a look he could almost call tender. “So what do I even call you?” Annon asked at last, unsure of his own feelings. “You are partly my uncle. Partly my father. Partly a total stranger to my family. What are you to me?”

This mask is as useless as the government face mask

Tyrus pursed his lips. “When I returned to the stone hovel later, I learned of her death. this mask is as useless as the government Her madness made her unleash the flames in their full power. The roof burned and collapsed. The fire could not harm her. A wooden beam did. The villagers were unnerved that her skin was not burned after the blaze ended. They realized she had the fireblood. When I came back, they tried to kill me.”

It sickened Annon to hear it. “You always warned me to tame my anger.” Tyrus smiled weakly. “What is your plan then? Where do we go from here?”

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