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The road began a tortuous pace upward, weaving between large boulders and crevices. Dallas cowboys face mask Her legs began to burn with the climb, but she did not want to seem weak. Birds chirped and watched them. Once she even heard the scree of a hawk, but she could not see it. The road ascended up the twisty path of a mountainside. They were climbing higher now, emerging from the green-hued stretch of forest. It was after midday and Hettie was starving. The Bhikhu offered them nothing. He just continued at a punishing pace, just hard enough to make her work at it. She knew she was holding them all back. The others would have been able to make it to Silvandom by then if not for her. She resented the feeling.

dallas cowboys

As Hettie looked backward, she saw the clouds of green leaves behind her, Dallas cowboys face maskcreating the illusion of rich green grass, undulating in the breeze. From that vantage, she saw other Vaettir crossing the forest. They had not encountered another soul along the way. Now she could see why.

The road climbed mercilessly higher, and she found herself soaked in sweat, trying to keep up. She drank from her flask, but the water was starting to run out. Still she pressed on, angered by the enigmatic guide who refused to speak to them. Kiranrao said nothing as well. Some insects had taken a special interest in him, especially some rather large dragonflies. But he did not swat them away. It was against the Vaettir way to injure any creature unjustly. She had learned that from Paedrin.

dallas cowboys face mask

The steep climb changed the scenery dramatically. Dallas cowboys face maskThe higher elevations did not allow the thin, pole-like trees to grow. She saw cedar and pine and even some redwoods. The road was no longer made of hard-packed dirt. The sun tilted in the sky, making her see spots. She shook her head, trying to clear it. Paedrin touched her arm, looking at her in concern. She jerked her elbow away from him, furious suddenly.

Ahead, the road began to widen and opened into a scene of transcendent beauty. A dazzling waterfall thundered from the crevice of a mountain on the left, sending tendrils of never-ending water cascading down the side. There were interconnecting bridges and gorges, mounted into chasms that defied belief. Then she noticed the peak-roofed buildings that sloped and pointed gracefully. They were made of stone and timber. Chimney smoke trickled into the air, giving it a faint musty scent. She was breathing hard, wiping the sweat from her lip on her arm. The view was breathtaking. The structures each looked unique and perhaps a thousand years old. It felt as if the farther she walked, the more they had gone into the past.

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