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“I do not doubt her honesty,” the man replied. “Only you do not seem the kind who would be seeking the prince. Are you selling something?” He started to move, gliding around to their right, watching Kiranrao all the while. It was the Uddhava, Hettie realized. He was distrustful of them. Whether it was their clothes and appearance, she could not tell. Kiranrao did not move, but she could sense him poised, ready to strike.

“No,” Hettie said, stepping forward. “We bear a gift to the prince from Kenatos. Minnesota Vikings Face Mask He will be expecting us.” “Indeed,” the Bhikhu said warily. “Then I will escort you. Hettie saw a sheen of sweat on Paedrin’s brow. He looked wary also, as taut as a rope.

Minnesota Vikings

The Bhikhu directed them into the woods until they reached a dirt path carved into the trees. Minnesota Vikings Face Mask Once they reached it, the journey progressed much quicker. It was a well-worn path with no scrub or weeds disturbing the carefully tamped earth. The wind caused the enormous trees to bend and wave, bringing out a shushing sound as the greenery embraced.

Their guide led them in silence. Occasionally Hettie saw the branches bend and drift as shadowy shapes bounded across their tops. She realized that the road was meant for visitors and that the Vaettir did not use it themselves. It amazed her. She wondered how long the Bhikhu had watched them before presenting himself.

Minnesota Vikings Face Mask

The road began to climb and the journey became more difficult. Minnesota Vikings Face Mask The forest floor started to slope and dip with undulations, and large boulders began to appear in the forest. Some were carved with symbols. Others had faces. Occasionally there were small huts built off the road, made of thatch and the strange narrow trunks.

Hettie glanced at Paedrin. She expected him to be fascinated by his homeland. His people had come from Silvandom originally. She was surprised that he looked so tense, so ill at ease. Something was troubling him greatly. She could see it burning in his eyes. He caught her eye and looked away, ashamed.

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