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Years ago, I took a band into the Scourgelands to defeat the Plague. We were killed. God focus on me not the storm Destroyed. Murdered almost to the last one. I did not understand it then, but I do now. I know why we failed. We failed because we were betrayed by one man. There is a Romani saying. It is no secret that is known to three. Sadly, one of the three that I trusted with the full truth was the Arch-Rike of Kenatos. He has minions within the Scourgelands. He set them on us to defeat us. I think he was rather surprised that I survived. For years I have deceived him, hiding my knowledge of his betrayal. I was his prisoner in Kenatos, but now I am free. Now I am free to complete what I began.

Who is god?

Tyrus looked fiercely at Kiranrao, who was as tense as a bowstring. God focus on me not the storm “I allowed her to bring you here. To get you here. Yes, Kiranrao. I need you. And you need me. The Arch-Rike plots to exterminate the Romani. He is using your people for his own ends, and they will be the next people to fall. He has his eye on Havenrook. It will collapse when the next Plague comes. He has a treaty with the King of Wayland to take over the shipping routes. Your people will be destroyed by the Plague he unleashes. I know this. I have seen the documents and know the signatures on the treaties. I know his plans. Your ring affirms that I speak the truth, so I will not waste more words trying to convince you.”

Focus on me not the storm

He turned back to Hettie imploringly. “Child, you must know the truth. God focus on me not the storm I am not your uncle. You were stolen from me as a babe, and I sorely regret it. But you are not my blood. You and Annon were twins. You were stolen by a Romani midwife as a baby. I could not save you then, but I can save you now. This is the moment you can earn your freedom. Whether or not I fail in my quest, the Romani will be hunted and destroyed with Plague. Because of your blood, it will not affect you. Your people will stop wearing the earrings voluntarily. This is the chance to earn your freedom. Help me in this quest. When this is over, you may reside in Silvandom, where Romani are forbidden. This is the freedom I promised you.”

He turned to Erasmus, whose shoulders were scrunched, his mouth agape at the news so far. “This is why I summoned you away from Havenrook, my friend. I am certain you already realize that you will never be able to return to your wealth. You are smart, Erasmus. You understand connections. Think what will happen if we can end the Plague. Think of the prosperity it will unleash. The world will be reborn. Even you cannot calculate that.”

God focus on me not the storm face mask

Tyrus turned back to Annon. “Your mother saved my life. God focus on me not the storm I would not have survived the Scourgelands without her. I seek to do her memory justice. To finish what we started. I need a Druidecht. I need you, Annon. We cannot succeed without you.” Annon felt a flush of pride. He nodded firmly.

Tyrus turned to the other Vaettirs in the room. “Khiara. We learned quickly in the Scourgelands that we should have brought a Shaliah with us. We were all wounded. Many were killed. With your skills, more would have survived. We need a healer. We need someone who can raise our spirits when we are depressed. Your family comes from ancient stock. You are strong in the keramat. You are also needed most desperately in this journey. There is much you can accomplish if your heart is true.” Khiara nodded bravely but said nothing.

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