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But I am your Aldermaston now, she said. Please, Prestwich. Skeleton Nice Butt poster There is nothing you can do to serve him more. Help these children escape. Do it for me. The look he gave her was raw with suffering.He nodded and then ambled down the passageway. He paused on the rungs, looking up at her. Come down with me, Lia. Her hold on the Leerings failed. She felt the blast of fire already sucking through the shafts as she slammed the stone lid down and whirled. The torrent of flames came jetting at her from all sides. Lia walked through the shroud of flames as if they were a gentle breeze. She went back up the stairs as huge chunks of burning rock hurtled from the weakened beams. They exploded around her, sparks and whorls of flame. She walked without thinking, without wondering whether a stone would strike her. She had no fear.

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Somehow, it was lost during the hetaera test. Remembering the kystrel she had taken from the lair, she removed it from her tunic and tossed it into the flames, watching the metal turn bright orange before becoming a puddle of sizzling dross. In her mind, she saw the Abbey consumed, the Apse Veil vanishing in the conflagration. The Rood Screen turned to ash. The floor tiles were all cracked and black with soot, the pewter and silver vases and stands warped. Her soul grieved seeing the ravaged insides of her precious Abbey.For moments, she stared at the devastation, tears streaming down her cheeks only to hiss and vanish when they struck the floor. It was midnight, she realized. The darkest hour. Skeleton Nice Butt poster And somehow, deep inside, she realized with shock and sadness that there were no Abbeys left in all the world. She felt a presence and turned, startled, seeing the Aldermaston walking towards her. He walked through the flames in his golden robes, approaching down the long aisle. She knew it was him, even through the billows of smoke and flame. Yet she felt his presence more strongly than what her eyes beheld. She squinted, not sure what she saw in the smoke. Aldermaston? she breathed in surprise.

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There he was, a wraith, a shadow that was visible one moment, vanished the next. A glimmer of his former self. But she recognized who it was, she recognized his presence. She felt him looking at her. She reached out, but her hand passed through the haze and smoke, touching nothing. Skeleton Nice Butt poster He was there, right beside her. Aldermaston? She thought the word. Redeem the Abbey.You are the Aldermaston of Muirwood now. It was as if he had spoken the thought aloud. Her throat clenched shut with horror. You are dead? I am too late? Redeem the Abbey. Your posterity will build it anew. She wondered how he was in front of her. When she had died, the part of her existence that remained had drifted towards the Apse Veil.

Skeleton Nice Butt poster

But there were no Apse Veils left! With sickening realization, she understood what she had not even conceived of before. The Abbeys were the gateways back to Idumea. They were the gateways for the living and the dead. With no Abbeys left standing, the dead souls would be stranded, unable to return back to the city-gardens. She saw his eyes, his angry, brooding eyes. He had known all along. Her father had told him, before she was even born, what would happen to him when the Blight came. Skeleton Nice Butt poster That his Abbey would be the last to fall and that he would be tortured to death after its fall, unable to return back to Idumea. Redeem the Abbey and build it again. Build them so the dead can be set free.You are our hope, child. You are our last hope. He had always known, but the binding sigil prevented him from ever speaking it. He had known that his death would be followed by other deaths. Millions of deaths as the Blight swept across the land. Millions who would not be able to return to Idumea.

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