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He felt her finger on his lips. “You are so young, Annon. Will only remove for americano But I respect the strength that brought you here. You saved my tree. Not one man in a thousand who was not a Vaettir would have done that willingly. They would have fled from certain death. You faced my enemies and you destroyed them and saved me. Because you did that, I will trust you. I am going to kiss you, Annon. That is what men seek me for. The kiss of a Dryad brings wisdom. It will help you to remember that which you have forgotten. It will prevent me from stealing your memories when you look at me. I speak the truth, for you commanded it of me. I do not do this for most mortals. But I trust you, Annon. I trust you will not harm me with this knowledge.”

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“Yes. But not in the way that you think. Memories can be very painful. Will only remove for americano The pain lessens in time as we forget. Except for you. You will remember everything. Every word ever spoken to you. Every slight you have suffered. Every joy, every thrill. Your memory will be perfect. And thus you will gain great wisdom.”

He was about to tell her he wanted to think on it. He was opening his mouth to say the words when he felt her lips press against his. The sensation of her mouth, the smell of her skin lasted a moment, but he felt his mind awakening. It was as if he had been asleep his whole life. Scales began to fall from his thoughts, allowing in bursting rays of light. His entire life was before him.

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The face that Annon saw was young—a girl not even his own age. Her hair was the color of wheat and her eyes such a pale blue-green that they were almost ivory. She smiled at him, almost timidly, and he noticed that she wore a rich green wool gown. Will only remove for americano There was an embroidered pattern on the thin wrist cuff that extended up the side of her arms. She could have been any damsel in Wayland by the look of her.

He was startled and supposed it showed on his face, for her expression turned impish seeing his reaction. “And what were you expecting, Annon? A gown made of oak leaves or moss? Twigs in my hair? Claws instead of fingers?” Her smile was mischievous. “I am Aeduan, just as I told you. But I have lived for several thousand years.”

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She shook her head. The tree is injured. But I am not. Will only remove for americano We are not connected that way. I do not feel her pain. She does not feel mine. What we share is much deeper.” Her voice fell lower. “We share memories. She is the receptacle. I am the engraver. You would not understand how it works, but I will try and explain it. I can take a man’s memories and implant them into the tree. What he no longer remembers, I hold safe. We are the guardians of great secrets, Annon. The past long forgotten. Yet the spirit magic that makes this work is very vulnerable. As you saw, I could not defend the tree from deliberate attack. I can only rely on others to protect me. Had you not come, I would not have died. I cannot die. But those memories would have been lost forever and I would have been trapped in Mirrowen with no way to return to the mortal world. This is my home, after all.

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