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She was awestruck by the beauty of the land, the forested hills, and the amazing cleanliness of the city. Pt belt face mask The air did not reek as it did in Havenrook. The people were civil and respectful, if a bit odd too. But she would gladly accept their traditions and customs if it gave her a chance to live her life and choose her own future. She wondered if Paedrin would want to stay as well. Going back to Kenatos would not be possible for him.

Unable to sleep and restless with anticipation for Tyrus’s arrival, she rose from the mat and padded softly to Paedrin’s room. She needed to talk to someone. Her feelings were nearly bursting inside her. She slid open the door to his chamber and found it empty. The mat looked undisturbed.

What is pt belt?

She sighed and laid her hand on his arm. “No one expects you to be invincible.” She sighed. Pt belt face mask The urge to tell him the truth gnawed at her. He deserved the truth, especially since he had disclosed his own weakness. It burned on her tongue. A secret is a weapon and a friend. It would give him power to hurt her. Sharing it might strengthen their friendship. She hesitated.

“I just wish I could fully trust Tyrus,” Paedrin muttered softly. “If you look at it a certain way, he abandoned us to that Kishion. Those who stay with him have a peculiar habit of ending up dead.” Hettie felt a stab of concern at the way Paedrin was speaking. “He is my uncle.” “Are you sure he is?” Paedrin asked, staring at her. “Do you really know anything about him? Were you told by the Romani you were his niece? Are they trustworthy either?”

Pt belt face mask

You have said enough. You planted doubts in her mind. You have done well, Paedrin. Pt belt face mask I applaud your efforts. Now be watchful. Look for the moment when you can seize the blade. We will appear suddenly, with enough force to distract Tyrus. My spies in the Druidecht camp say that he has it and that he disappeared this morning at dawn. He will meet you soon. You have led us to the end of the hunt. Soon you will be one of my Kishion. You will be very powerful in the realm. You will do great things.

The Arch-Rike’s voice shriveled from Paedrin’s mind, like a snake shedding skin. It was a horrible, violating feeling. It made him want to vomit. He stared at the ring on his finger. He knew he was betraying his friends. He knew he was betraying his race. He knew he was betraying the Bhikhu. If he could kill himself by removing the ring, he would have. All his life he had wanted to visit Silvandom. This act of treachery would never be forgiven. It would be better to die.

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