Baking Because Murder Is Wrong Baking Vertical Poster


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“I will tell you, Myrrha. You will not wish to hear it. You killed your mistress, my wife, Baking Because Murder Is Wrong Baking Vertical Poster the Princess of Pry-Ree.” His voice was thick with emotion. “You killed her with your hands. Days before, you murdered a man with a dagger. His body was found, but no one knew who had done it. It created suspicion. It caused distrust amidst my servants. After this child was born, you went to the corpse and handled it. The bodies of the dead bring diseases. You carried those diseases on your hands and touched my wife as you washed her. She is dead from the milk fever because of your hands and what you touched. Why do the Myriad Ones want my daughter?

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We buried Lia this morning. We covered her body with stones, just as the vision showed me. There were serpent bites all over her body and she was black and bloated. Colvin wept silently, crouching before the makeshift ossuary. He kissed her forehead, despite the threat of venom there. Baking Because Murder Is Wrong Baking Vertical Poster I thought he was going to take the kystrel from her bodice, but he did not. The knowledge that she had succumbed to the hetaera test crushed his spirits. It is dusk now and the fete is about to begin. Tonight we will depart Dahomey, arm in arm. We are lovers now, in secret. He will defy them. He will betray the young king and forswear his oath of fealty. Together, we will sail for home where we can marry at Billerbeck Abbey, bound together for all the ages to come. My work here is complete.

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The struggle for Lia’s soul began with the serpent’s bite. When the venom from the fangs entered her blood, Baking Because Murder Is Wrong Baking Vertical Poster she collapsed in agony. The snakes engulfed her, slithering around her, biting, striking, piercing her skin with their poison. Her body convulsed and she became rigid, paralyzed by the venom but still awake. She could sense the Myriad Ones snuffling around her, she could hear the eager whine in their voices. Lia could not move, but she could hear everything. Another bite, another sting in her flesh. The venom overwhelmed her physical senses.

Baking Because Murder Is Wrong Baking Vertical Poster

Darkness engulfed the room as the torch finally failed. Strangely, she could see. There was something in the dark, a form shifting, coalescing from the blackness and rising up until it formed the image of a woman. She had felt the presence before the venom had made her fall. The Leerings in the room shuddered with power as the woman appeared, their carved faces distorting, the stones glowing white hot. She wore a violet robe, decked with gold and jewels and precious stones. She was devastatingly beautiful, Baking Because Murder Is Wrong Baking Vertical Poster the sheer essence of her drew Lia in with admiration. A child of Idumea, a presence and a force that went beyond anything Lia had felt. She felt ashamed looking at her, for the woman was staring at her, eyes silver-white. In her hand she clasped a golden cup. Mist wreathed the rim.

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