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Annon thought about what he had been told. What a perplexing way to look at the world. Kaonashi Spirited Away tumbler However, it did explain how attentive Paedrin was to their surroundings. It was as if he were constantly assessing dangers and forming plans. Like on the road to Havenrook, he had noticed the Preachán crouching amidst the wagons and suggested attacking them before being attacked. Having a Bhikhu as a companion was an advantage to anyone. Our presence alone is often enough to prevent crime. Not to mention that we have a certain reputation for inflicting pain on others. Pain is a teacher, as I have told you before. Most people fear it. We do not. We would never stop a child from touching a burning piece of wood. We would warn, but never prevent. Wisdom comes through listening to those with more experience. Only fools blunder through unnecessary pain.

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Erasmus whistled softly. “I am beginning to appreciate Tyrus’s craftiness. I do not think he intended me to go back to Havenrook after guiding you to Drosta’s lair. Since Kiranrao knew what was hidden there, he will slit my belly open to learn where you are taking it. It would probably be in my best interest to stay with you a while longer.”

Paedrin crouched near the fire. Annon was amazed at his flexibility, how he could crouch so low while his heels were flat on the ground. His arm was tied to his body, but he still looked dangerous. He twirled the half-staff in his hand, slowly, thinking. “Let us consider this together,” he said. “I only know your uncle by reputation as one of the wealthiest men in Kenatos. A Paracelsus. That means he is a maker. His kind made the blade. May I see it?” Annon withdrew it from his robe and felt the compulsion growing again. Kaonashi Spirited Away tumbler The blade did not want to be shown around. He felt a dark menace from it. Annon’s fingers twitched. The surge of emotions was stifling, and he felt sweat pop out on his forehead. Hettie shrank from him, her eyes widening with fear. Erasmus squinted, his face suddenly ashen.

Kaonashi Spirited Away tumbler

Paedrin frowned and shook his head. The specific reason, perhaps. But we should not relax our thoughts because the riddle is difficult. First thought that comes to me. Did he expect we would be successful? Was it to test our craftiness or persistence? To see if we would quit? Annon thought a moment. “He gave us pieces of the riddle, but not the whole. He told us about Erasmus, who could lead us there. He gave me the words that would open the stone. So yes, I think he did want us to succeed.” Another thought,” Annon said, touching his lip. Kaonashi Spirited Away tumbler “Let us suppose that Kiranrao was not lying. That he truly is looking for Tyrus now. Maybe there was an explosion in the tower, that Tyrus is a hunted man. Perhaps he knew the danger was coming and wanted to send us far away?

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