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“Be still,” he said, hearing a reply to his thoughts. A timid spirit approached, though he could not see it. Snoopy yoga give me strength Annon closed his eyes and focused his thoughts, feeding them with intense gratitude. The sylph responded to his emotion, hovering in the air between him and Hettie. “In a way,” he answered, smiling. “It is a bit complicated, but the magic is part of the Druidecht lore. I invited a spirit to heal you. It agreed. I could not force it to do so. But it had compassion on you and our situation and decided to help us.” He turned and gazed at Erasmus. “One of the things I learned before we fell asleep in the tree. I have not had time to mention it. Drosta spoke to me. He is a Druidecht now. He isn’t a Paracelsus any longer. He said the entire city of Kenatos is enslaving spirits.”

Who is Snoopy?

“He told us that the Arch-Rike and his kind are trapping spirits in Kenatos. They are binding them into service. Into slavery. You remember the lights in the city? When the darkness comes, all of the city starts to glow? Those are trapped spirits. The Arch-Rike has been trapping them and using them. The blade we found in Drosta’s lair. Snoopy yoga give me strength It contains an ancient spirit called the Iddawc. Knowing its name can give you power over it, but it seeks to subvert strong men into killing. It was forged to kill those like Uncle Tyrus.” Erasmus clucked his tongue. “Never presume to understand his thinking. That way lies madness. It seems he has work for us to do. If he knows of a way to end the Plague…if he has finally discovered the solution to that riddle, it is worth more than every ducat in Havenrook. An event like that would topple the Arch-Rike.” “I don’t care about the Arch-Rike,” Hettie said. “It is that Kishion I would see humbled. It was unfair of him to cripple Paedrin like that. Now both of his arms are broken.”

She nodded gruffly. “I am a Finder, after all. And a Romani. It would not surprise me if the rubble was searched for treasures. There are thieves aplenty in that city. Any one worth his carnotha would have searched the grounds or bribed a guard for trinkets found.” She sighed. “Only I have nothing to barter for it, so I may have to steal it back.”

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Annon felt a huge pang of worry for her. They had not known each other long, but the surge of protective feelings swelling in his heart startled him. As he had watched the Kishion strangle her, he would have done anything to stop it. He gripped her shoulder and then pulled her close. “I was so worried when he was choking you,” he whispered, Snoopy yoga give me strength squeezing her. He knew that her life had been spared because he spoke. He would not have done any differently. Her hair brushed against his face, and he felt her arm offer a timid hug in reply. “Thank you for saving me,” she said. She pulled away, but only enough to look in his eyes. “You are not what I expected, Annon Waylander.” She reached down and took his hand, squeezing it. “I wish you knew the truth…I wish we had known the truth about each other.”

Snoopy yoga give me strength shirt

“I would have come for you,” he promised. “I would have searched every Romani caravan until I found you.” He fingered the single hoop in her ear. “I would tear this off you right now…” “Don’t,” she flinched, shaking her head. “You don’t know the Romani. If I help Tyrus, perhaps I will earn my freedom. We’ve made an enemy of Kiranrao, Snoopy yoga give me strength but he still wants that blade. He won’t stop until he gets it. He is relentless.” Annon could see the danger his uncle had warned them about. The most powerful men in the kingdoms were his enemies. But apparently, he had allies as well. He sighed. “I don’t want you to leave,” he said, rubbing her arm affectionately. “We have been through so much together already. I worry about you. Don’t use the fireblood unless you absolutely must. Please.”


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