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She crossed the curtain which did not glow as it did in Muirwood. Looking back, she saw seven Leerings carved into stone pillars. Chicago bull NBA face mask It was the same seven themes she had seen before, but the workmanship was different. A bearded man. One of a lion, another of a sheep. Another of a snake, which made her pause as she thought of the Leering she had seen in her mind during the vision. She also noticed one with a blazing sun and another of a twisting vine, with flowers and leaves. The last, a bull with horns. The worksmanship was different but still beautiful. The seven aspects of Idumea, another world that existed far away – a world where the city-gardens of the Idumeans beckoned all mastons.

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He bunched up his mouth into a frown and nodded. “I have lived here a good many years. I was abandoned as a wretched and chose to stay to fulfill my vow. Chicago bull NBA face mask I was shown great kindness by a noble prince once. A noble prince who came down that road yonder, paused on his horse and paid me a gold sovereign. He said a girl would come through Claredon with hair like yours. That was a long time ago. I had forgotten it until just now. Something made me remember. The Medium, no doubt. There you have it. My message is delivered. Now I can spend the gold crown.” Lia felt the tiniest throb. She took the old porter’s hand and squeezed it. He opened the gate and let them pass into the wild throngs filling the street beyond.

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“I have,” he answered. “I hate it. Do you see that fortress? We are not even inside the city gates right now. Pent Tower is the castle keep and the royal manor that protects the king’s family and guards the king’s enemies. Are you seeking Dieyre? He is an enemy to us.” Lia shook her head violently. “He is the last man I want to see.” “All the better, for his reputation is known in Pry-Ree. Whom do you seek?”

“Someone he abducted. I made a promise, Kieran. The orb said I would find her here. And the porter said where.” He grabbed her arm and steered her against the wall before a cart crashed into them. Chicago bull NBA face mask The jolt of it stunned her. A swarm of flies buzzed about her face and she shuddered. She was used to the moors and wilderness, not this hive of movement. She felt the Myriad Ones thronging them, but taking no notice.

Chicago bull NBA face mask

There was no way to describe the king’s city Comoros – no words fitting or suitable to a girl raised in the shelter of Muirwood. It was, Lia decided, the worst place in the world. Chicago bull NBA face mask The streets were narrow and sliced this way and that, the buildings crammed and topped and then crammed and topped more until the roofs seemed to sway in the wind. Laundry clothes were hung from poles in the windows to dry. The streets were caked with filth and the air was rancid. It was busy and violent. Once she thought she saw a knight-maston weaving through the crowd, but he covered his sword with his hand to hide the insignia. Just when Lia thought it could get no worse, they reached the bridge that straddled the mighty river and crossed it into the Stews and Lia realized that life on the other side was even worse.

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