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Lia had forgotten it. “Thank you,” she said gratefully and took another bite while she fetched the orb from behind the secret stone where she hid it. Then fetching and donning her cloak, she took one last Muirwood apple from the basket and wrapped it in oilcloth to protect it. She intended it as a gift for Colvin. Atlanta falcons american football She finished the meal and then bid Pasqua and Sowe farewell and took her leave of the kitchen. Kieran Ven waited in the shadows outside. The grounds were thick with morning mist which would help hide their departure.“You dawdle,” he said stiffly, walking briskly towards the Abbey. “Most ships begin to leave at dawn. There is an Abbey on the eastern side of Comoros that is near the docks. Hurry lass or we lose another day.”

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Lia continued walking and approached the Abbey which rose before them like a mountain of stone. Atlanta falcons american football The flowers from the grounds were a gentle reminder that she had packed a bunch of purple mint in her rucksack as well. She craved seeing Colvin again and wondered how long it would take to reach Dochte Abbey. “Where is the Queen Dowager being kept?” Kieran asked softly. His gaze wandered the grounds around them quickly, zigzagging from bench to tree to flowerbed as if every shrub held a threat. He shook his head. “The world she manipulates is cruel. The destruction of the Blight is a result of her actions and the actions of those like her. An Evnissyen advises. Sometimes we do what must be done. If a king must die to save his people, then so be it. With her death, it removes the Dahomeyjan king’s pretext for war. It forces him to react rather than us. Demont is bold, but he is too merciful. Here we are.”

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He was panting and sagged back against the archway. “You are the Aldermaston’s hunter. I recognize you. I seek Demont, Atlanta falcons american football but you can tell your master.” He wiped his mouth on his arm. “The Earl of Dieyre escaped Pent Tower last night. The bells are ringing throughout Comoros. They say he is bound for Dahomey, that a ship was waiting for him. He swore he would return with an army and execute every maston for treason.”

Lia felt a spasm of fear strike through her. The Earl of Dieyre was Colvin’s sworn enemy. Since his capture after the battle, he had refused to reveal where he had hidden Colvin’s sister, Marciana. Lia had promised Colvin before he left that she would use the orb to find her. They let the knight-maston pass who ran through the fog towards the manor house.

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Lia felt the Medium engulf her like a flood as she gripped Kieran’s hand and he pulled her through the Apse Veil. Atlanta falcons american football It was a dizzying rush, a swirl of color and sound and then a violent shudder as if her insides were wrenched apart and then thrust back together. As she stumbled through on the other side, she staggered and nearly fell, overwhelmed with the sensation. The Medium was a power she respected, though she still did not fully understand it. For most of her life, she had felt it strongly without even realizing its subtle influence. But it was not until she passed through the Apse Veil into Comoros did she realize how strongly it was felt in Muirwood. In Comoros, the whisper of it was nearly gone.

Lia choked. The air was thick with smoke and sour with the stench of filth. Even deep within an Abbey, the smell was blinding in its intensity. There was but a little spark of the Medium, a dull throb that was painfully unnoticeable.

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