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“Let me help you comb the tangles out of your hair,” Sowe offered. Arizona cardinals American football The kitchen smelled lovely as an egg crackled on a skillet and pottage boiled on the cauldron. Lia’s rucksack was full of food, a change of garments. A full quiver of arrows rested by it and the bowsleeve which stood straight against the fringe of the doorway. “Thank you,” Lia said and sat patiently while Sowe began working on the wild tangles in her always unmanageable mass of hair. Pasqua ladled syrupy treacle into the dish and then pressed it into her hands with a spoon. “You are scarcely fit to walk, Lia. Another day or two would do you some good. Why not delay?” She reached out and touched Lia’s cheek tenderly.

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Traveling to Dahomey will take time. The Aldermaston would like me to leave before dawn when others will not see me go. I am almost finished,” Sowe said, hurrying with the task. She pinched a clump of golden twisty hair and then ran her hand over Lia’s head. “I will miss you again. I have never left Muirwood once. You have been so far. Lia was not sure if she detected jealousy in Sowe’s voice or not. She looked up at her friend. “Do you wish you were going? Sowe smiled and shook her head. “Edmon is going to take the maston test. I should like…to be here when he does.” She blushed and looked down.

Lia took her hand and squeezed it. They had different temperaments. Sowe was shy and reserved, the greatest beauty in the Abbey since Reome had left after Whitsunday. She did not act conceited or haughty. Arizona cardinals American football She almost seemed unaware of the affect she had on the boys. Especially one Edmon, earl of Norris-York, who doted on her shamefully when he was allowed inside the kitchen.

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Sowe leaned down and kissed Lia’s cheek. “I worry for you without Colvin to protect you. Even though I know you can care for yourself better than the knight-mastons can. Arizona cardinals American football Pasqua is grateful Martin is still alive. She cried when you told her the news. Do you think the Aldermaston will forgive him? “I do not know. He forgave Seth, though, even after his betrayal. Well, the voyage on the ships will be a long one, I imagine. We will all need to learn forgiveness before we reach the destination.” Lia took a spoonful of the porridge and savored the mix of spices and treacle with the oats.

Pasqua rubbed her hands together, looking forlorn. “I am not sure I want to leave,” she said with a sigh, glancing up at the tall beams supporting the huge roof. The fires in each corner of the kitchen were glowing, cooking the bread and sending the heat upwards and then swirling back down to warm them. “Maybe I will stay with the Aldermaston. I do not relish the thought of a long sea journey. My knees have been aching and I do not like walking.” She glanced around at the kitchen again, her eyes brimming with tears. “But then I have the thought that if I do not go, I will never meet your little ones.”

Arizona cardinals American football Face Mask

Pasqua gave her a smile with a glint of teasing in it. “Many of the noble born marry at your age, child. Arizona cardinals American football Some even younger are married as children. Since two young nobles are interested in you both, do not dismiss my words too hastily. I should have shooed them both away with a broom instead of encouraging them with Gooseberry Fool. I love Muirwood. There is no other place that is home to me…save where you two are. You are my daughters, after all, in every way except birth. But considering the pain and trouble you have both put me through so often, would a true mother have suffered more than I?” She grinned at them, tears dropping from her lashes. She hugged them both, so fiercely it stole Lia’s breath for a moment.

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