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Paedrin stared at it, at the peculiarity and singularity of it. There were no lower branches and few higher ones, but each was wide and thicker than a human, all twisted and forked. The most striking thing about the tree was the enormous black maw, as if the tree had a mouth frozen in a wide scream of pain. Trump 2020 screw your feelings The gap of the maw was taller than he was and it would take a Vaettir to float up and reach it. Moss covered the exposed tendrils of roots, which looked like serpents. Hardly any leaves existed on its barren branches, but higher up, amidst thick tufts of mistletoe, some sprays of green could be seen.

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“We escaped through a tree. It was a portal to Mirrowen. That is the realm where the spirits come from. That portal took us to a grove of trees far away. Trees are the portals, you see. And those portals have guardians. The guardians are the Dryads.” Annon stared back at the enormous tree, obviously not disgusted by its misshapen, hunchback look.

Annon turned to the prince. “She is ancient but beautiful.” Prince Aransetis nodded sternly, Trump 2020 screw your feelings his face a mask devoid of emotion. “My family has been her protectors for centuries. The rest of the city of Silvandom does not know she is here. The maze is protected by spirit magic.” “My staff,” Khiara said, clutching the tapered white-oak weapon, “was made from one of her boughs. It gives me knowledge as well as power.” Paedrin stared at it hungrily. It was much longer than the kind of staff he was used to, but he had been trained in the long staff since he was a boy.

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Annon had a look on his face, almost a flush and a smile. He nodded softly, lost in his thoughts. Then he gazed at them. “She is amazing,” he said, dumbfounded. He turned to the others, straightening his shoulders. “Tyrus shared some information with me that he has not shared with any of you. It is important that this information remain a secret for now. He gave each of us a task to complete that will aid in the journey into the Scourgelands. Do you accept your charge? Will you aid in this quest?”

He looked first to the prince, who nodded and said, “I go to Stonehollow.” Trump 2020 screw your feelings Annon then looked at Khiara and Erasmus. “Will you both go with me to the oracle of Basilides? I could use your help. It is a temple the Arch-Rike has built away from Kenatos, in case the city should ever fall. It is still under construction, hidden in the mountains. But first we must find where it is.”

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Erasmus scrunched his face and pondered it a bit. “I have lost every ducat I amassed in my bets. Trump 2020 screw your feelings I am likely a wanted man in Havenrook, Kenatos, and probably Alkire if I were being honest. Knowing about the treaty of Wayland, I will probably be wanted there as well.” He pursed his lips, muttering to himself. “The last group that ventured into the Scourgelands all died. I suppose the odds are great that most of us will as well.” He shrugged. “But I could also argue that Tyrus has set the odds in our favor. I’m sure Basilides will give us some useful information about our chances for survival. It is a long gamble. Long odds. I like it.” He smiled. “I’ll go.”

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