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Lia looked at Marciana’s eyes. She was tortured, exhausted, and weak. How long had she been captive, Boston Celtics NBA basketball living in the Stews, unable to know what happened to those she loved? The air was perfumed and cloying. Lia was sure the cider had been treated with other herbs or had been allowed to spoil and strengthen its flavor. The man in the black cassock, the kishion, manipulated her feelings with deftness and cruelty. “I am so thirsty,” Marciana said with a tremulous sigh. She was begging.“Then drink the cider,” came the reply and he poured some from a bottle into a golden cup and offered it to her. His back was to Lia as she started towards him stealthily.

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Lia pushed the dirk blade into his back. She knew right where to stab, right where his air would spill out. Boston Celtics NBA basketball The fabric slit. Blood bloomed on her hand, warm and hot. He gasped, thrashing. His neck jerked around, his silver eyes burning into hers, sending her into a daze of panicked emotions as he died. In that instant, she could see into his frenzied thoughts, full of terror because the Myriad Ones would leave his body now. He slumped to the floor and Lia let him fall. She lowered the shawl. Marciana looked at her, puzzled, confused. Then her eyes widened with shock and horror. “The kishion,” she hissed. “Behind you!” Lia heard the body swing down from the rafters and fall like a sure-footed cat. The kishion blocked the doorway leading out. She realized, too late, that the man in the black cassock was not the kishion after all. She realized also that her gladius was still in the basket.

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The hunter is patient. The prey is careless. Lia swallowed, trying to contain her fear. She wished again, pointlessly, Boston Celtics NBA basketball that Kieran was with her. Her mind raced as she glanced about the room, looking for a way to shift the balance. “Stay behind me,” Lia said. The kishion started towards them with twin daggers in his hands. He had the same dead eyes she had seen before, a man utterly devoid of feelings. A scar ran down his left cheek. His eyes were blue, his hair cropped short. There was something in the look of his mouth, some rugged quality of his chin that told her he had survived many fights and killed many – even women.

Boston Celtics NBA basketball Face Mask

Lia glanced at the nearest brazier, remembering that it was fire that had destroyed her previous enemy. Boston Celtics NBA basketball There were no Leerings in the tower, no stone sculptures, but there was fire and she had the Gift of Firetaming. It would not burn her. She shifted to the right, keeping as much of the room between them as she could. The windows were all blocked by heavy curtains. The idea bloomed in her mind. Force the enemy to react to your plans, instead of reacting to theirs. She was not fully healed and feared the kishion’s skill at knife-fighting eclipsed hers. If she focused on her strengths, it would give her a better chance. The kishion studied her, weaving closer, watching her feet as she moved, seeing which leg she favored. She grit her teeth, trying to keep from wincing at her throbbing leg. He was judging her abilities.

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