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Lia darted as he spoke. She had hoped he would respond to her, to distract his mind from her true intent. Beagle Dog Wash Your Hand Quarantined 2020 The brazier glowed with burning coals and the black iron was white with ash. Flames filled its bowels and offered light from between the thick slats. It had four tiny legs keeping it up and Lia gripped the bars and shoved it over, spilling the flaming coals onto the nearest curtain. The metal was warm against her hand, but it did not burn her. The curtain erupted into a sheath of flames.

Who is Beagle Dog?

He was faster than she thought he would be, but there was something new in his eyes – a little hint of fear at the crackling flames. She had changed the balance of the duel. He had experience with fire. He knew how fast it would devastate the room. Lia watched his feints, refusing to react to them, to be distracted. He suddenly dropped low and tried to sweep her bad leg with his boot, but she moved aside and sliced towards his ear. He deflected it with a dagger and she whirled around behind him, trying to draw him after her. It worked. He had seen how lethal she could be with a dirk and slashed at her with his other hand. Beagle Dog Wash Your Hand Quarantined 2020  Lia jumped away from the cut and saw Marciana backing away from the kishion, towards another curtain.

Corona virus, Wash Your Hand Quarantined 2020

Get to the door!” Lia told her, stabbing carefully at the kishion, trying to push him back into the blaze of the curtains. Beagle Dog Wash Your Hand Quarantined 2020  If she could get close enough, she could shove him into the burning mass, but he recognized her plan and went after Marciana. Lia intervened, slashing at his arm. Smoke swirled in the room, obscuring everything, her movements and his. Suddenly the kishion’s blade lashed out at her, the dagger at her ribs. He stabbed just above the leather girdle she wore, beneath her breast. She felt the point of the blade rip against her shirt, tear it, and then glance away. There should have been pain. There should have been a cut. She realized to her surprise that the dagger had not penetrated. The shirt was torn but the blade stopped against the chaen beneath. There was another look in the kishion’s eyes. It was a blow that should have impaled her and instead, had not even harmed her.

Beagle Dog Wash Your Hand Quarantined 2020 face mask

Lia clawed at his eyes with her fingers. She felt his skin tear as her fingernails bit into his flesh. With her other hand, Beagle Dog Wash Your Hand Quarantined 2020 she stabbed and managed to land the blade into his arm as he deflected it from his throat. He snarled once and backed away, his eyes burning from the smoke. Red tears tracked down the side of his face with the scar. Blood. “No!” the kishion bellowed. He hoisted his dagger and threw it after the fleeing girl. Lia watched helplessly as it whistled and spun, end over end. In her mind, she remembered Astrid being cut down by such a stroke, the blade burying itself in his lower back. She willed the blade to stop, she willed it to miss. In Marciana’s place, the dagger was caught mid-air by Kieran.

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