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She met his gaze, refusing to be ashamed by his look. Cat Wash your hands poster She was angry and struggled to control her fury. At long last, there was a jingle in the lock and then it was opened. The Aldermaston of Dochte entered, but there were guests with him. In his wake came a young man, richly dressed with Dahomeyjan finery. He was tall, well-built, and quite handsome. The young woman holding his arm was Hillel, but he would not have known her true name. Then Dieyre entered followed by Colvin.

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Lia tried to move quickly, but the weight of the iron chains slowed her considerably. Cat Wash your hands poster She came to the bars and gripped them, hungry to see his face yet tormented with the prospect. Dieyre glanced at her, failing to hide an amused smile, and sauntered around the room, gazing at the torches, nodding to the kishion, and looking rather pleased with himself. She could have strangled him. The young man in the finery squinted in the gloom. “Where is he? Where is the man who murdered my father?” The Aldermaston motioned with his long arm. “In chains in that cell, my lord of Comoros.” The kishion nodded and unlocked the cell door. There was a grunting noise, the sound of a blow and then Martin was thrown in front of the young king.

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The young king stared back at him, meeting his baleful look with one of his own. “At long last,” he said stiffly. “My father’s murderer.” His face knotted with fury. His hands clenched Hillel’s arm. “Is he the one, my love? Is he the one who abducted you and brought you to Pry-Ree?” Hillel looked at Martin shyly, demurely. Cat Wash your hands poster  She turned her face away, as if she could not bear to look at him. “Colvin,” the young king said next, looking back at the earl. “You can vouch for his identity? Do you recognize him? Is he the Aldermaston’s hunter? He is the one who led you into the trap?” Colvin was also wearing Dahomeyjan finery. She did not recognize his costume, but she would never have mistaken his dark brooding look. He gazed down at Martin pityingly. “His name is Martin. I do know that he served the Aldermaston of Muirwood, but I do not know if he serves him still.”

Cat Wash your hands poster

The young king released Hillel’s arm and crouched before the prostrate hunter. Cat Wash your hands poster  He seized a thick handful of Martin’s hair and jerked his head up, to meet his own. There was fury in his voice, pure hatred in his eyes. “You murdered my father. It was your arrow by which he was slain. I have seen the arrow, you filthy wretched. You served Prince Alluwyn of Pry-Ree. Then Muirwood. It is all part of the plot to dethrone my father and to prevent me from achieving my inheritance.

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