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Martin nodded again, looking triumphant. “Well done. I must climb the walls. Pug nice butt poster There had to be an easier way. The Prince…he told me of the Queen Dowager and her ilk.” He looked surreptitiously then nudged closer to her. “We must speak cautiously. These walls can hear even whispers. I dare not forget that. There is more I must tell you. Judging by your haggard eyes, you have not slept all night. Do you see the ladder and the loft over there? That is where I sleep. There are some scraps of food and I will fetch you a meat pie from the market.” He started raking again. “I told the stablemaster that my granddaughter was coming to live with me. I will bark and rave at you. That is my disguise. When my chores are finished and you have slept, we will visit the Abbey again through the secret ways. Go rest, child. Clear your head. There is much to do before you face the Aldermaston.”

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Lia swallowed and was about to turn away. She was so grateful to have him nearby. Pug nice butt poster His presence filled her with determination to face the horrors ahead of her. The thought of descending into a pit of snakes made her soul cower with dread. But the look of iron in Martin’s eyes offered a bit of courage. Lia gave him a fierce hug, ignoring the dirt and the smell that came from him. He trembled slightly, not soiling her with his hands. As she pulled away, she caught the glimpse of a tear in his hard blue eyes. He fought against his feelings, his bearded face jutting and scowling. “Well met, lass. By Cheshu, well met.” His eyes turned deadly serious. “I will not forsake you. You know that, lass. Not for all the coin or all the glory in all the world. I am faithful to you. I am yours to command.”

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I do not know what to think. The entire Abbey is fluttering with the news. The Earl of Dieyre arrived. Pug nice butt poster He was set free from Pent Tower under my uncle’s orders. He brought parchment stamped with the privy seal giving him wardship custody over me. This means my uncle took the wardship away from Colvin and gave it to Dieyre. I do not understand how that could happen. I am dismayed. Dieyre said that my uncle has given his consent for me to marry the king, that it will heal the rift between our warring factions and has ordered it to be performed here at Dochte Abbey. If it is done, Demont promises to release the Queen Dowager and we all can return home in peace. I have never seen Colvin so angry. He challenged the seal and said it was a forgery.

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The whole Abbey is in an uproar. Dieyre promised that my uncle was coming in person and would vouchsafe for his instructions. Pug nice butt poster There was a truce agreed upon after we left the kingdom. I do not want to marry the king. I do not wish it. Colvin took me aside and asked if I desired the marriage. I could not stop trembling for he was touching my hands. I do not wish it. I wish Colvin to take me from this place. I would go anywhere with him. This is not my country. I belong in Pry-Ree. That is where we will hide until the ships take us away if the Blight comes.”

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