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What did she have to quell the Leering? Sloth yoga let that shit go poster What could she give? Her clothes? Lia wrestled with the decision. What would be required of her next? Her chaen? The ring at her neck? Yet she was trapped, unable to release the stone unless she gave something up. She would be trapped in that vision, those thoughts, until the fire guttered out and the snakes bit her. She had to do something. She had to act. She could see why a girl would be tempted to follow the trail. The fear of growing old and decrepid. Could the kystrel keep her forever young? She felt the surge of the Medium and the horrible truth it showed her. The kystrel could create the illusion of youth. It could make someone feel young, even if they were not. It was a deception of the cruelest kind. By being a maston, by learning the full depths of the Medium, she could forge a new body that would be forever young. A kystrel could not offer her that – only the illusion of it.

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Ugly. Hideous. Revolting. Lia was stuck in her mind, trapped by the doubts of what she should surrender. A hetaera would find it easy to surrender. For them, the fear of ugliness was worse than the fear of hunger or the fear of shame, or even the fear of sickness. Sloth yoga let that shit go poster They would give up what was asked and if they did, would find the next surrender even easier. Lia understood. The hetaera test was robbing her of all her outward things. It was taking away everything external so that it could mold her into a new creature. It would take away her rags and replace them with silks and velvets. It would take away her chains and replace them with bracelets and necklaces and ropes of jewels. And it would eventually take away her chaen, the only thing left that would protect her. But the Leerings were not evil. Why then was she being tempted to give up her possessions? Why was the hetaera’s path the only path? The mewling sound coiled around her. She felt the snakes weaving around her legs.

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It was the Myriad Ones influencing her thoughts, she realized. Surrounded by them, deep within their lair, she was hearing them more clearly. They were luring her down the path, but it was not the only path. It was not the only way to be free of the Leerings. She must surrender something. Sloth yoga let that shit go poster She must surrender a part of herself. If everything she had learned at Muirwood was true – if the maston oaths she had taken would one day entitle her to receive a new body that never aged or died, that allowed her to cross the Apse Veil and return to Idumea, why should she fear old age? If joining with another maston, bound by irrevocare sigil, would eventually produce children so strong in the Medium that they could raise her dusty bones and give her back her life – was there any reason to fear growing old or losing her youth?

Sloth yoga let that shit go poster

It came as a blaze of light to her mind. She had gone hungry, but she had never starved. The Medium had always provided her with food – thimbleberries in the woods or the flesh of a quail. It would never let her starve to death, even it required food to appear with the dew of the grass in the morning. Why should she ever fear it? And what of shame? What did it matter that Pareigis wore gowns and jewels? She had never sought nor cared about having Reome’s good opinion while so many others did. What for? Sloth yoga let that shit go poster She was a silly girl who had been seduced by a powerful man. What did her scorn mean? Nothing! What power did disease have against the power of the Medium? It could heal any wound, recover any illness. Why be afraid of sickness when the Medium could overcome it?

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