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The Aldermaston will perform the ceremony straightaway in the Abbey itself. There was a boy who really loved playing drums poster You are both mastons and I am not, so I cannot accompany you inside the sanctuary. You may not believe it, but I do not seek your death, Lord Iselin. I seek peace between our kingdoms. In that vein, I suggest a truce to be consummated with this marriage. There will be no incursions into Pry-Ree for five years. In exchange, you will agree that henceforth there will no longer be three kings in your domain. There shall be one ruler. With my cousin at your side, you will do well. Do we have an agreement?

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“Indeed,” the Prince replied flatly. He saw the situation as it really was. There was a boy who really loved playing drums poster With only one king to rule the entire kingdom, it would undermine the ambitions of the realm. Rather than co-ruling, others would expect greater favors and privileges. It would also mean jealousy as those who craved the right to rule would be tempted to do away with the Prince. So much easier to overthrow a smaller kingdom when it is squabbling internally amongst itself. There was a pause, a moment when they looked at each other, unspoken words passing between them in a rush. Before the Prince knew it, the girl was on her knees in front of him, head bowed submissively. “Forgive me, my lord. I have been a burden to you. I did not know my cousin would place those demands on you. I knew none of it. I am ill to think what harm this will bring to you and your kingdom. If we must delay, I will bear it. If we must part…”

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The Prince knelt in front of her and took her hands, smiling through his tears. “No. There was a boy who really loved playing drums poster Hush your fears…I will not be parted from you so soon.” He squeezed her hands and stared deep into her eyes. “You will not spend another day in a Comoros prison. You are the lady of Pry-Ree. You are our rightful queen. I will pay whatever ransom to secure you.”

She seemed not to comprehend his words. Tears fell from her lashes, but her look was confusion. “How can this be? I know who I am. My father was murdered on the field of battle by my cousin, the king. My mother and I have been outcasts in Dahomey since that time. I was raised in a poor Abbey in a poor province. I bring you no wealth, no lands, no position. And because I am a Demont, you incur the king’s enmity. All of this is due to a promise you made long ago to my father. I am a burden to you in every possible way. If it would help your kingdom to send me back to Pent Tower, I will face it. Think of your people, my lord. Think on the burdens they must bear if the king gets his will concerning Pry-Ree.”

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Very slowly, deliberately, the Prince kissed her hand. He stood and pulled her up with him. There was a boy who really loved playing drums poster “You are mistaken. As I look at you now, I see a prize worth having. A prize worth any wait. It is not because of lands or coins or promises that I desired to marry you. It was not even because of your lord father, though he was my ally and my friend.” He escorted her to the window and parted the curtain. “Do you see the mountains? Those are the Myniths of Pry-Ree. They are treacherous to cross. Wedged deep inside is another Abbey – a small Abbey known as Tintern. That is where I passed the maston test, just as you passed yours at Montargis. It is not the size of the Abbey that matters.

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