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She spoke out loud, to herself but also to him. Cow Boy Everything will kill you so choose something fun poster If only I had come sooner, I could have saved you from your fate. Or you could have died and the Apse Veil would still be open. I am sorry for that. I did not know what was happening to you. I was mostly only aware of my own pain. I am sorry. The wind tugged at her hair. She cried softly. There were so many lies told about you. People always believe the worst, even when rumors might later be proved false. I know the truth and so do a handful of others. It seemed sometimes that you never cared what others thought about you. But so many will never know who you truly were. They will never know you as I knew you. She squeezed her eyes shut.

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I miss you, Aldermaston. I miss your counsel and your advice. You believed in me. I always felt that from you. I remember when you sent Jon Hunter to rescue me from the Bearden Muir. He told me that I was welcome back. That you said I could come back home. Cow Boy Everything will kill you so choose something fun poster Do you know how much that meant to me? How much your trust meant to me? She hugged herself, shivering with her emotions. I wish I had told you how much I depended on you.How much I learned from you. How sorry I was for all the rude things I said. My disobedience and childishness. You were so patient with me. I see now that I was not just a wretched to you. Thank you, Aldermaston. I am grateful I was sent to your care. You helped to mold my faith. I could not have done what I did at Dochte Abbey without you. She knelt there until her knees cramped and ached and her tears finally exhausted.

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She breathed deeply and swallowed the hiccups that threatened her. Cow Boy Everything will kill you so choose something fun poster I will carry a mark on my heart for the rest of my life. I will never forget your words and teachings. And I will never forget what you suffered because of me. In the stillness that followed the storm, she felt something light graze the back of her head. It was feather-light.She opened her eyes and turned around, but there was nothing behind her. It had felt like a…hand? She blinked in the stillness and closed her eyes again. Are you with me, Aldermaston? she whispered. The faint pressure came on her head again. Instead of looking backwards again, she closed her eyes and opened her mind to her thoughts. The Gift of Seering opened up to her again and she saw the Aldermaston, in her mind. He was crossing the Cider Orchard painfully, each step an agony to him. The branches lashed at him, but he walked firmly ahead, his arm cradling something that glinted gold. Then he was moving through the forbidden part of the grounds, his expression writhing in pain.

Cow Boy Everything will kill you so choose something fun poster

She watched as he made it to the floating stone beyond Maderos’ lair. Cow Boy Everything will kill you so choose something fun poster He clambered down upon the rock, almost losing his balance and plunging to his death. He knelt, exhausted, on the stone, his body trembling with the exertion. He bowed his head and then the floating rock began to move, easing downwards to the base of the hill that was still submerged beneath the waters of the lake. With a mighty heave, he shoved a tome of aurichalcum off the boulder and watched it splash in the waters. It sank instantly, coming to rest amidst the stone ossuaries that she used to play in as a child.The vision faded. Lia opened her eyes. Thank you, Aldermaston. Thank you for showing me where your tome lies. She buried the Aldermaston’s bones in an ossuary near Maderos’ lair. The tome was where she had seen and had not been difficult to see hidden within the crevices. As she knelt before the sealed box, she raised her arm in the maston sign. Her voice was thick with emotion, but grew stronger as she spoke.

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