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By Idumea’s hand, I do not know all the words. I am a young maston still. Dog remember to wipe poster But I kneel and through the Medium dedicate this ground as the final resting place of Gideon Penman, the Aldermaston of Muirwood Abbey. By the Medium I invoke this, that when the time of his reviving has come, at some future dawn, he may be restored, every whit. May all who love truth always remember this final spot that others may remember what he did for us. That we may remember him through our words. Make it thus so. As she crossed the Cider Orchard to return to the kitchen, she heard the snort and whicker of a horse.The trees were skeletal, but there were enough to shield the source of the sound. She stopped, listening carefully and trying to discern the location of the sound. It was coming from ahead, some distance ahead. She could hear the distant mumble of a voice and her heart began to hammer in her chest with longing. Carefully, she set down the Aldermaston’s tome and began to stalk forward, weaving through the trees carefully but quickly. Her blood throbbed in her ears. It was approaching noontide, but the day was overcast, veiling the sun. Colvin? She emerged form the grove and approached the oaks shielding the kitchen. The sound grew louder, an impatient grunt from an animal followed by a soothing whisper.

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A man’s voice. Lia’s heart beat wildly. The Scourge of Muirwood Page 103 She had no weapons, but she did not feel they would be appropriate for her now, as an Aldermaston. She had the Medium to warn and guide and protect her. But still, she craved a blade dangling from her side. The sound came from the kitchen, the clang of a pan falling. There was a muttered oath and then the shuffling sound of boots. Only one person and one horse. She had not heard anything to make her think otherwise. Dog remember to wipe poster Lia peered around the side of the kitchen and saw the brown mare, lathered with foam and sniffing and nibbling at the brush and plants outside the kitchen.The beast was saddled and there was a scabbard dangling from the horn, but it was empty. The horse raised its head when it saw her and nickered softly. What is it? murmured a man’s voice as he emerged from the kitchen holding a maston sword. She saw the hilt first, the gleaming hilt with the symbol she had recognized as a child. The tunic was of a knight of Winterrowd. Disappointment crushed her as she saw his face, the curly dark hair and slim sallow cheeks.

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She had never seen him before in her life. Or if she had, she did not recognize him. He was not as tall as Colvin. He was a stranger. The sword was leveled at her immediately. Who are you? he demanded hotly, his face full of suspicion. I am the Aldermaston of Muirwood, Lia replied. Please, Dog remember to wipe poster put away your weapon. You are the Aldermaston? he said, his face scrunching with irritation. Is that a jest? He waved his free arm towards the rubble of the Abbey.I am the Aldermaston still, Lia replied. You are a knight of Winterrowd. I recognize your clothing, but I do not know your name. Were you looking for food? The word made his eyes widen with hunger. Yes! I am half-starved. I have ridden for two days without rest. His horse validated his words. The mare looked exhausted and worn out. I have eaten little, not trusting myself into the hands of strangers. I had hopes that Muirwood had not fallen, despite the stories.

Dog remember to wipe poster

But I see that I arrived too late. It has already fallen to the Blight. He ran his hand through his tangled hair. Dog remember to wipe poster You are a maston? Lia asked, staring at him. Yes. Let me see your palm. Only another maston would know to look there for the scar. He lowered his sword and shifted it to his other hand. After tugging off his glove, he showed her his dirty palm, but she could see the mark of the stone where it had burned him.You wear a necklace? he asked her, his eyes squinting warily. A charm of some sort? Not a kystrel, Lia answered with a nod and showed him the ring she wore on the string. He looked relieved. I am grateful it is not, he murmured somberly. His eyes glowed with inner fire.

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