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Instead, you helped destroy them. What are you talking about, Skeleton You And Me We Got This Poster Duerden? What baby? His face twitched with spasms, his voice choking with emotion. You were sent away to another Abbey. To keep it secret! You were with child. The Aldermaston’s child – the baby. The child. You…you were with child.What…but…were you not with child, Lia? Like Reome? His eyes were desperate and helpless. The cup dropped from his hand. No, Duerden, she said, shaking her head violently. That is a lie! You were deceived by the Queen Dowager. Duerden, do you not understand? The Aldermaston was murdered. He was not a traitor. It was not an execution. He was murdered. Demont was murdered! Duerden shook his head in a daze.

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No, he fell sick. He was poisoned by Pasqua. No, Duerden! He was murdered. All of the mastons have been murdered. The Abbeys are no more. When, Duerden? She gave him a fierce look. When did you begin listening to the Queen Dowager? You are hers. I can smell her on your clothes. Her stain is in your blood as well.When, Duerden? When did it happen to you? His expression was haunted, his voice quavering. Before…Whitsunday. She spoke to me while I was walking in the gardens. She…oh, Skeleton You And Me We Got This Poster Lia, what have I done! She was so friendly to me. She did not tease me. She…Lia…she…what have I done! You are infected, Lia said, shaking her head. The Blight. You are infected with it. She kissed you. She kissed you again tonight.

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Lia’s heart broke with pain. You cannot leave these shores. You will die, like everyone else. I am so sorry, Duerden. You will be sick.You will be very sick, very soon. Leave Muirwood while you can. A storm is coming. If you stay here, you will die tonight. Go as far away as you can, but you can never return. Go! Duerden began to sob like a child, overwhelmed by his despair. He was devastated. She grabbed his shoulders and shook him.Go! Lia felt the Myriad Ones surround her. Their mewling sounds and hisses filled her senses with loathing and animosity and pure hatred. They were drawn to her, wheedling at her mind with their thoughts. She turned around slowly and there was Pareigis, the Queen Dowager, in a gown as dark at the night, the silver fringe glittering. Her eyes glowed silver and the wind rustled her hair. Her fingers were curled like talons. He is not yours to command, Pareigis said with an imperious voice. You spurned him, girl. Skeleton You And Me We Got This Poster Remember? A broken heart is easily seduced. Lia grit her teeth but did not back away.

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I broke your hold over Seth. I will break your hold over him. I do not fear you. Skeleton You And Me We Got This Poster I know who you really are. A gust of wind swept across the grass, bringing the scent of fire mixed with flowers. Pareigis’ hair whipped across her face. Pressure began to build in the air. Lia felt it inside her ears. It is your pity that you do not fear me, Pareigis said. You have been troublesome to me.That trouble will end tonight. You are the last maston. I have saved you for last. The wind began to whip more violently. You summon a storm? Pareigis said with delight. I am the Queen of storms. Water is my dominion. You have no dominion, Lia said. You only steal.Nothing is truly yours. I know your power. I do not fear it. You cannot harm me. Pareigis’ eyes flashed with murder. Harm you? I will kill you, little one. You also will be trapped on this pitiful earth. The mastons who fell before you were fortunate because they could return to Idumea. But not you. This is your reward, foolish child. This is what the Medium bestows on you for your faithfulness.

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