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She tried to take her hand off the Leering, but she could not. It was fastened tight, Jason Voorhees Nice Butt poster the feelings growing more desperate. The children were sobbing and tugging at her clothes. What could she do? Then the Leering spoke in her mind. She had to offer something – a part of herself. Something she did not need. That would feed the suffering woman and her children. Lia thought a moment and then then insight came. She would give the chains off her wrists. As Lia looked down, she saw snakes weaving around her ankles. The serpents filled the chamber, sliding and weaving through the tangled fray. She swung the torch down, her hands fully free now that the chains were gone. The serpents retreated again, hissing savagely at her. Her heart shuddered with dread and fear, but she did her best to control it. Just seeing the snakes made her want to scream. Carefully, she moved to the next Leering. It was an expression of remorse, of guilt. Lia stared at it, preparing her feelings to be overwhelmed again.

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There was nothing to be feared from them except what they represented. There were six penultimate fears that troubled the world. Every imaginable fear could be linked to one of these. The Leerings were important because a hetaera faced the training to overcome her fears. Jason Voorhees Nice Butt poster By overcoming fears, they could make the final oath that would bind them to the Myriad Ones forever. Overcoming their fear would help them make the final covenant. Lia reached out and touched the second Leering. Immediately she was swarmed by the sound of jeering laughter. It was mocking, cutting, humiliating. In her mind, she saw a wealthy palace full of beautiful girls wearing expensive clothes and dazzling jewelry. They were all mocking one girl.

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She was not dressed like the others – she was in hunter rags, filthy, her hair spattered with dirt and sticky with…cider? Lia saw herself, cowering before the onslaught of the humiliation. There was Pareigis among them – and Reome – and even Marciana. There was Sowe, a disdainful look on her mouth, Jason Voorhees Nice Butt poster a condescending look that made Lia feel as if she were the ugliest girl in the world. They laughed and scoffed at her. They snubbed her. They pointed at her feet, the shackles at her feet and tittered with wicked delight at how uncomfortable she was. The fear of shame.

Jason Voorhees Nice Butt poster

Lia opened her eyes. Part of the room was glowing now. In the center of the room behind her came the aura and heat of fire. She had not noticed before, but there had been a hollow in the center of the floor, an indentation in the rock – a whorl pattern. It was full of shimmering metal, Jason Voorhees Nice Butt poster the liquid metal of the chains now reduced and purged by great heat. The metal bubbled and smelled acrid. It was a kystrel being forged. She gasped with shock as she realized another purpose of the Leerings. The kystrel was being forged out of her own fears. The Leerings took her feelings away from her and implanted them within the amulet.

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