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I was trained in the city. You were trained in the woods. Let me teach you what I know. Maybe some of it will help you.” Lion king 2020 hakuna matata He shifted slowly, wincing. “Dahomey is a land of great wealth. It sits in the center of many kingdoms. Just as Muirwood is the oldest in your realm, Dochte is the oldest Abbey in Dahomey. It is the richest Abbey in Dahomey. It is situated on an island, off the northwestern shore. When the tide leaves, it opens a land bridge to the island. It is dangerous to time it, for if the tide comes in during the journey, you will drown in quicksand. The orb will help you. When the tide comes in, sometimes there are fishing boats that will row you to the Abbey. Where there is great wealth, you will find corruption. The Abbey is built on top of the island.

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It is surrounded by the village of Dochte. There are huge walls separating the village from the Abbey proper on the dome of the hill. The walls are enormous. It is actually a giant castle, five or six stories high, that surrounds the sanctuary. The Abbey itself rises like a spike in the center of the island. It must have required two hundred years to build it, stone by stone. It is impressive. Lion king 2020 hakuna matata The village houses are lower down and are not as imposing. The only way in or out of the Abbey is through the main gate in the wall. I was able to enter because I was a maston, but I recall the disdain with which I was treated because of my clothing. Even though I was an ambassador from Pry-Ree, I was treated with contempt because I did not look like one. This is important, Lia. You may be allowed in because you know the maston signs, but you will stand out because of the way you dress. The women of Dahomey are very particular in their appearance.

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Lia used her gladius hilt and struck the window, smashing it. He joined her on the stairs and dropped the mass of curtains and helped her crush the window panes. Baltimore ravens American football team Then heaving the mass of curtain over the edge, he let it tumble down the side. Then he fixed the curtain rod against the wall on each side of the window to act as a brace. He looked down below and winced, shaking his head furiously. He glanced up at the room and saw the fire blazing down the stairwell. “The curtain only reaches partway down. We will have to jump the rest. Lia, you first. Climb to the end of the curtain, hang there, and then fall. Quickly, girl!” Lia sheathed her gladius in her belt and grabbed the curtain. She started outside and heard some fabric rip and her stomach lurched seeing how far it was to the ground below. Above, the roof of the tower was blazing. Smoke came from the window above, calling attention to Lambeth for all to see. There was nothing but cobblestone below her, which would not cushion a fall. Several bystanders in the street were pointing and shouting in worry. Lion king 2020 hakuna matata She lowered herself hand over hand down the length of the curtain until she was at the lowest part. She dangled from the curtain, trying not to be dizzy, and glanced down at the street. It looked so far away.

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It was the first time Lia had tried to cross the Apse Veil on her own. Summoning her courage, she focused her thoughts on Augustin Abbey, repeating it over and over in her mind. The Medium swirled around her, sending a pricking feeling of dread deep inside her heart. There was something terrifying about the possibility of going so far with one footstep. Lion king 2020 hakuna matata It was even more terrifying to think that if she focused hard enough, she could step over to Idumea itself where the power of the Medium would probably devour her. Reining in those thoughts, she took several deep breaths and then walked forward through the shimmering curtain. The wrench of time and distance made her dizzy and nauseous. For a moment, she tottered, nearly falling. Her balance returned gradually, so she leaned against the side of the pillar and struggled to calm her heart.

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