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Annon didn’t know if he should act surprised when Paedrin finally decided to join Hettie on his assignment. He could not understand their relationship. Only after verbally sparring did they finally agree to journey together to Kenatos. Once there, they would part ways. That was understood by both of them. Annon rather doubted it would happen. Will only remove for wine They were both uncommonly stubborn.

“The way through the portal is through that gap in the tree,” Annon explained. “Think of where you would go, and you will emerge there.” “Will we sleep?” Hettie asked cautiously. “As we did when Drosta found us?” Annon shook his head. “I do not know. I don’t understand how this spirit magic works. Be careful, Hettie.”

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She smiled wryly. “I’m always careful. Be safe, brother.” She reached out and squeezed his hand. Will only remove for wine He was not sure what she meant by the gesture, but it warmed him. She was about to pull her hand away, but he kept hold of it. He dropped his voice lower. “I trust you. I want you to know that. I also forgive you. You were being coerced as much as Paedrin was. I see that. This is your chance for freedom. I may be lingering in Silvandom myself when this is through. I would like us to always be friends. What happened is in the past.”

Annon smiled and touched her cheek, then fingered the earring. “It does. Be safe. I’ll miss you.” When they turned, Paedrin was floating up to the gap in the tree trunk. Hettie sighed with impatience and then worked her way swiftly up the craggy surface. She was quite adept at scaling the tree. Paedrin waited for her, his expression disdainful, and he looked down at the others and nodded.

Only remove for wine

Annon felt the shiver of magic rush through him and felt their absence immediately. It saddened him. Will only remove for wine Since the last time they had parted, so much had happened. Would he see them again? He hoped that he would, that Tyrus was right about them. He felt inadequate and wished the other two could have stayed with him as well.

Prince Aransetis approached the tree next. “I know my destination,” he said. He paused, studying Annon slowly, as if memorizing his features. As if measuring him. The look on his face seemed to say that he found the young man lacking. He nodded once. “Be wise, young Druidecht. Tyrus has put much faith in you.” “So it seems,” Annon answered. He bowed formally. “I wish I knew you better. I am sorry for the blood spilled in your home today. I know the Vaettir regard life

Will only remove for wine face mask

Annon sighed heavily, feeling the weight of the burden on his shoulders increase with each breath. Will only remove for wine His uncle had all but charged him with the burden of stopping the Plague. The enormity of the responsibility nearly choked him with despair.

“We seek Basilides,” Erasmus said, shuffling his feet. He thought a moment, wriggling his fingers as he counted something in his mind. “It is the domain of the Arch-Rike. We will not find a passage to it unless we know generally where it is. What would be helpful is if we could speak to someone who did know its location. A Rike of Seithrall, for example. As it happens, there were several killed not long ago in the prince’s manor.” He looked at Khiara pointedly. “Do you know the keramat of raising the dead?”

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